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Kentucky Youth Soccer Crowns US Youth Soccer Kentucky State Cup Champions

June 3, 2009 08:00 AM

LEXINGTON, KY – Kentucky Youth Soccer is proud to announce the 2009 US Youth Soccer Kentucky State Cup Champions.  By winning the Kentucky State Cup this past weekend in Lexington, each team qualifies to compete in the US Youth Soccer Region II (Midwest Regional) Championships. 

U13 Girls         Bluegrass 96   
U13 Boys        United 1996 FC-96 International
U14 Girls         LFC 95 Premier                      
U14 Boys        United 1996 FC 95 International
U15 Girls         Javanon 94
U15 Boys        Mockingbird White
U16 Girls         Mockingbird 93
U16 Boys        LFC Premier
U17 Girls         Mockingbird SC
U17 Boys        Javanon 92
U18 Girls         KSA Elite
U18 Boys        Javanon 91
U19 Girls        Javanon 90  
U19 Boys        Javanon 90

For a complete listing of results and photos, please visit

The teams will be among the more than 210 top boys and girls US Youth Soccer teams from the 14 state associations competing for the regional title, June 19 - 24 at the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships at Yankton Trails Park Complex in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Daily reports and complete results from the tournament will be available on

The US Youth Soccer Region II Championships, which will feature top teams in the Under-13 through Under-19 age groups, begins with preliminary games on Saturday, June 20 through Monday, June 22. Semifinal matches will be played on Tuesday, June 23, with the US Youth Soccer Region II Champions being crowned following final games on Wednesday, June 24. 

US Youth Soccer State Champions and select runners-up from 14 state associations, including host Illinois will participate. The other state associations represented are Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio-South, Ohio-North, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 brackets earn a berth to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships to be played July 21-26 at the Citizens Bank Field at Progin Park in Lancaster, Mass.   

Of the twelve national championship trophies, this year marks the 73rd anniversary of the James P. McGuire Cup, the oldest trophy in youth sport. Dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships, the McGuire Cup is awarded to the Under-19 Boys National Champions. 

The U.S. Soccer Federation initiated youth championships with the McGuire Cup (1935). Since its creation in 1974, US Youth Soccer has added 11 divisions to the National Championships, most recently with the Under-14 and Under-15 Boys and Girls divisions in 2001 to create the series current format. 


About the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association
Kentucky Youth Soccer- a non profit organization founded in 1979 that serves 45,000 players, coaches, administrators, and volunteers throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Kentucky Youth Soccer is a proud member of the US Youth Soccer, the governing body of youth soccer in the United States. Kentucky Youth Soccer programs provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game. For more information, visit

About the United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) - US Youth Soccer - "The Game for ALL Kids!®" is the largest member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body of soccer in the United States. US Youth Soccer registers more than 3 million players annually, ages 5 to 19, and over 900,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers in 55 member state associations. US Youth Soccer programs provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game. For more information, visit

About the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series – Our nation's championship is a three-part competition that begins with over 10,000 teams from across the country seeking a US Youth Soccer State Championship to earn a place at their respective regional championship. The regional championships, four in all, host these state champions, select wildcards and regional league champions to determine who should represent their region at the national championships. Learn more at or




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