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Ultimate Soccer Mom Appreciation Day

September 15, 2009 10:00 PM
Today (Sept. 16), in conjunction with the national Youth Soccer Month celebration is "Ultimate Soccer Mom Appreciation Day."
Let's be honest, moms help a lot. They run their players to practices and games, pack snacks and fill water bottles and cheer at every game.
Today is about giving back to the soccer mom as well as improving soccer mom's knowledge of the game.
Test yourself! Are you the Queen of the Field? Sweetheart of the sidelines?
You haul your fanny – not to mention folding chairs, blankets, cooler, first aid kit and extra shin guards – to 8 a.m. games. You juggle practice schedules, carpools and concession-stand duty. You even know the rules. Sort of. So here's a chance to test your know-how. It's fun. You might even learn something. And it won't take much time – because we know you don't have any!
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