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Youth Soccer Month Q&A with Don Rawson, Indiana Youth Soccer executive director

October 1, 2009 10:00 PM
Don Rawson has served as executive director of Indiana Youth Soccer since 2000. This past week, he accepted the position of executive director of Massachusetts Youth Soccer. Rawson has also worked in marketing positions with Reebok and adidas, and served as the director of operations for the 1994 World Cup Chicago venue. Rawson served as assistant coach of the Indiana University men's soccer team.
Q     Why has Indiana Youth Soccer chosen to embrace Youth Soccer Month?
·         It is a US Youth Soccer initiative with a message of positive values.
·         It helps raise awareness of youth soccer as a sport which has a positive message to the participants and community.
Q     What benefits do you see for your State Association through your involvement?
·         Increased awareness of soccer as a positive influence on the health, safety and well being of the participants.
·         Increased communication with the member clubs.
·         Increased cooperation between many facets of soccer -  recreational to travel, high school, collegiate and professional.
Q     How do your clubs and players benefit from the Youth Soccer Month celebration?
·         Fun
·         Interaction with heroes  and heroines (players and coaches) in colleges, high schools and professional teams
·         Interacting with local government, helps increase community awareness of soccer which will, in turn, provide support for more fields, safer playing/practice facilities and resources needed.
Q     Which Indiana Youth Soccer Month initiatives do you find are the most successful?
·         Securing proclamations for communities
·         Events at high schools and colleges
·         Club sponsored events
Q     What is your favorite part of Youth Soccer Month?
·         Seeing communities understand the value of participation
·         Seeing events at which more children are smiling and having fun



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