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Competitive matches showcased at opening day of 2009 US Youth Soccer National League Girls season

December 3, 2009 08:00 PM
Day 1 of 4 complete
Scores and Standings [link]

– Elite youth teams from across the country in the Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 Girls age groups kicked off the US Youth Soccer National League play at Penberthy Fields in College Station, Texas today.

Under-15 Girls
So Cal Blues – Draluck (CA-S) and Sockers FC Chicago (IL) Under-15 Girls were both looking for a win, but it was So Cal that wrapped up their victory within minutes. Kelly Latimer had a 33rd minute goal to put So Cal on the board. Kelly Fitzgerald knocked in So Cal's second goal only 3 minutes later. The Sockers remained scoreless until the final whistle blew for So Cal to slate their first win of the season.
The San Diego Surf (CA-S) Under-15 Girls were held scoreless by NSA Premier Fireballs (IL) until the 30th minute when Morgan Batcheller netted one for the Surf. Teammate Caroline Muoio followed suit with a goal of her own in the 38th minute. San Diego Surf held tight on the defensive end to win the game 2-0. Surf look to follow in the footsteps of their fellow Under-16 San Diego Surf team who, after capturing the National League title last season, went on to claim the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championship.

Under-16 Girls
The Under-15 Girls Scorpions Soccer (MA) grabbed the game winner with five minutes to play against NSA Premier Fury (IL) to take a 1-0 victory in their National League opener. Paige Almeida was the hero for Scorpions with her 75th minute strike.
As the reigning 2009 US Youth Soccer National Champions, San Diego Surf (CA-S) Under-16 Girls are out to hold their own and earn the right to advance back to Nationals to defend their title. In the opening game of the National League season, they held their own with a 4-1 victory over KC Select Scream Red (MO). After KC Selected opened with a 14th minute Alex Ostrander goal, Surf countered in the 30th minute thanks to an Alexandra Bailey shot. Nicole Sherwin pulled Surf into the lead with a 37th minute goal. Coming back from the half, Kendall Kraus (59:00) and Stephanie Hamilton (68:00) wrapped up the 4-1 Surf win.
Under-17 Girls
Syosset Sting (E-NY) opened up their 2009 National League campaign with a 4-1 win over the Eagles of California South. Gabrielle Charno got Syosset on the board in the 12th minute and Kerry Ann O'Connor added a second goal four minutes later to take control of the game. Emily Kenney pulled the Eagles back within a goal in the 20th minute, but in the second half Madison Kittay and Liana Cornacchio put the game away for the Sting with 43rd and 70th minute strikes.
The Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) claimed the US Youth Soccer Double in 2008 by winning both the National League and National Championship titles. They faced a familiar opponent in their opening game of the 2009 season, Cleveland FC (OH-N), who the Texans defeated 3-2 during group play of 2009 National Championships. Today's result was also familiar as the Texans jumped out to a 2-0 first-half lead on goals from Abby Smith in the 6th minute and Jana Jeffery in the 40th minute. Cleveland FC roared back in the second half with goals from Elizabeth Bollinger in the 55th minute and Jillian Graff in the 75th minute. But the Texans again took a 3-2 victory as Taylor Grant scored the winner with three minutes left to play.
The Slammers (CA-S) avenged a 2-1 defeat to the Montclair United Thunderbolts (NJ) from the 2008 National League by scoring two second-half goals tonight for a 2-1 victory to start the new season. Montclair's Tatiana Saunders gave her team an early lead in the 2nd minute, but Slammers were determined this time around as Kassidy Hause scored in the 49th and 68th minutes to secure the win.
Last year's National League runners up, So Cal Blues – Dodge (CA-S), looked determined to make it back to the National Championships as they defeated the Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) 3-0 in the season opener. Kaylie Davidson found the net in the 32nd minute, and two second-half goals from Gabriella Garcia and Erica Mazeau in the 53rd and 71st minutes sealed the game for the Blues.

National League action continues Friday, Dec. 4, at Penberty Fields with games at 11 a.m., 12:45 and 2:45 p.m. For complete standings, scores and schedules, visit the National League Center or go to /National_League/.
US Youth Soccer National League Results | Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009
Under-15 Results:
So Cal Blues–Draluck (CA-S) 2, Sockers FC Chicago (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: So Cal: Kelly Latimer (33:00), Kelly Fitzgerald (36:00) 
San Diego Surf White (CA-S) 2, NSA Premier Fireballs (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: Surf: Morgan Batcheller (30:00), Caroline Muoio (38:00) 

Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) 4, VSA Heat Blue (VA) 2
Goal Scorers: Texans: Anase Asom (44:00), Amber Haggerty (60:00), Sophie Groff (66:00) (69:00) 
VSA: Morgan Reuther (17:00), Megan Smits (59:00)  

Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) 2, Scorpions Elite (MA) 1
Goal Scorers: Hurricane: Kristen Killion (5:00) (47:00) 
Scorpions: Lauren Berman (4:00) 
Under-16 Results:
Scorpions Elite (MA) 1, NSA Premier Fury (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: Scorpions: Paige Almeida (75:00) 
San Diego Surf (CA-S) 4, KC Select Scream Red (MO) 1
Goal Scorers: Surf: Kendall Kraus (59:00), Stephanie Hamilton (68:00) 
KC Select: Alex Ostrander (14:00) 
So Cal Blues–Pearson (CA-S) 0, Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) 0
NASA G12 Elite II (GA) 2, FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) 0
Goal Scorers: NASA: Abby Lutzenkirchen (15:00), Elizabeth Johnson (73:00) 

Under-17 Girls
Syosset Sting (E-NY) 4, Eagles (CA-S) 1
Goal Scorers: Syosset: Gabrielle Charno (12:00), Kerry Ann O'Connor (16:00), Madison Kittay (43:00), Liana Cornacchio (70:00)
Eagles: Emily Kenney (20:00) 
Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) 3, Cleveland FC (OH-N) 2
Goal Scorers: Texans: Abby Smith (6:00), Jana Jeffrey (40:00), Taylor Grant (77:00)   
Cleveland: Elizabeth Bollinger (55:00), Jillian Graff (75:00) 
Slammers FC (CA-S) 2, Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) 1
Goal Scorers: Slammers: Kassidy Hause (49:00), Kassidy Hause (68:00)  
Montclair: Tatiana Saunders (2:00) 
So Cal Blues–Dodge (CA-S) 3, Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) 0
Goal Scorers: So Cal: Kaylie Davidson (32:00), Gabriella Garcia (53:00), Erica Mazeau (71:00) 

Upcoming Matches
Friday, Dec. 4, 2009
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. Scorpions Elite (MA) v VSA Heat Blue (VA) Penberthy 3
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. Sockers FC Chicago (IL) v Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) Penberthy 4
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. NSA Premier Fireballs (IL) v So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) Penberthy 7
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) v San Diego Surf White (CA-S) Penberthy 8
Under-16 Girls 12:45 p.m. Scorpions Elite (MA) v Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) Penberthy 3
Under-16 Girls 12:45 p.m. So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) v NSA Premier Fury (IL) Penberthy 4
Under-16 Girls 2:45 p.m. San Diego Surf (CA-S) v FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) Penberthy 3
Under-16 Girls 2:45 p.m. NASA G12 Elite II (GA) v KC Select Scream Red (MO) Penberthy 4
Under-17 Girls 12:45 p.m. Slammers FC (CA-S) v Syosset Sting (E-NY) Penberthy 7
Under-17 Girls 12:45 p.m. Cleveland FC (OH-N) v Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) Penberthy 8
Under-17 Girls 2:45 p.m. So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) v Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) Penberthy 7
Under-17 Girls 2:45 p.m. Eagles (CA-S) v Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) Penberthy 8

Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009
Under-15 Girls 9:45 a.m. So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) v Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) Penberthy 3
Under-15 Girls 9:45 a.m. San Diego Surf GU15 White (CA-S) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Penberthy 4
Under-15 Girls 9:45 a.m. VSA Heat Blue (VA) v Sockers FC Chicago (IL) Penberthy 7
Under-15 Girls 9:45 a.m. Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) v NSA U15 Premier Fireballs (IL) Penberthy 8
Under-16 Girls 11:30 a.m. FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) v So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) Penberthy 3
Under-16 Girls 11:30 a.m. Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) v San Diego Surf (CA-S) Penberthy 4
Under-16 Girls 1:30 p.m. NSA Premier Fury (IL) v NASA G12 Elite II (GA) Penberthy 3
Under-16 Girls 1:30 p.m. KC Select Scream Red (MO) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Penberthy 4
Under-17 Girls 11:30 a.m. Eagles (CA-S) v Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) Penberthy 7
Under-17 Girls 11:30 a.m. Cleveland FC (OH-N) v Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) Penberthy 8
Under-17 Girls 1:30 p.m. So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) v Syosset Sting (E-NY) Penberthy 7
Under-17 Girls 1:30 p.m. Slammers FC (CA-S) v Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) Penberthy 8

Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009
Under-15 Girls 9 a.m. Sockers FC Chicago (IL) v San Diego Surf GU15 White (CA-S) Burroughs 2
Under-15 Girls 9 a.m. Scorpions Elite (MA) v So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) Burroughs 5
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) v Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) Burroughs 2
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. NSA U15 Premier Fireballs (IL) v VSA Heat Blue (VA) Burroughs 5
Under-16 Girls 9 a.m. Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) v NASA G12 Elite II (GA) Burroughs 1
Under-16 Girls 9 a.m. NSA Premier Fury (IL) v San Diego Surf (CA-S) Burroughs 4
Under-16 Girls 11 a.m. KC Select Scream Red (MO) v So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) Burroughs 1
Under-16 Girls 11 a.m. FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Burroughs 4
Under-17 Girls 9 a.m. Syosset Sting (E-NY) v Cleveland FC (OH-N) Burroughs 6
Under-17 Girls 9 a.m. Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) v Slammers FC (CA-S) Burroughs 7
Under-17 Girls 11 a.m. Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) v So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) Burroughs 6
Under-17 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) v Eagles (CA-S) Burroughs 7
*Subject to change.


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