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US Youth Soccer National League play continues in College Station, Texas

December 3, 2009 09:00 PM
Day 2 of 4 complete
Scores and Standings [

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS (Dec. 4, 2009) – Day two of play at the US Youth Soccer National League continued, showcasing the top Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 Girls teams in the nation as they compete in the first weekend of League play.

The National League games are being held in College Station, Texas, on the campus of Texas A&M University alongside the NCAA Women's College Cup, which has increased the number of college coaches on site. Despite the cold weather and snow flurries, the sidelines continued to be filled with college coaches from across the nation who have come to observe the top talent the League has to offer.

Under-15 Girls
In the second day of Under-15 Girls action Sockers FC Chicago (IL) and Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) braved an unusually cold Texas day. Sockers FC took charge in the 25th minute when Alexa Ben knocked in the first goal of the game. A minute before halftime Lauren Gierman doubled the Sockers lead to give them a cushion as light snow began to fall. Hurricane showed some perseverance in the second half as Kristen Killion brought the game within one minute after the restart, but Sockers held off a Hurricane rally to take the 2-1 win.

McKenzie Meehan scored two goals in the first nine minutes and Brooke Sweeney added another in the 10th minute as Scorpions Elite (MA) took control in their match versus VSA Heat Blue (VA) in the Girls Under-15 game. Sweeney added another one minute before halftime as Scorpions went into the break with a 4-0 lead. Lauren Berman added another for the Scorpions in the 47th minute and Andrea O'Brien capped off the game in the 61st minute as Scorpions cruised to a 6-0 win.

Under-16 Girls
After a game one draw yesterday, the Under-16 Girls Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) were looking to slate one in the win column in today's match against Massachusetts' Scorpions Elite. Fourteen minutes in, Shelby Soldat slotted the Texans' first goal and just before the half, teammate Mary Alissa Lonsberry netted a second for the Texans. In the 41st minute, Kelsey Shimmick gave the Texans a 3-0 lead, but the Scorpions' Katherine Hiller countered in the 53rd minute. The teams battled it out to last whistle, with the Texans' holding strong for the 3-1 victory. Tomorrow, the Texans will have a rematch of the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championship finals as they face San Diego Surf (CA-S).

NSA Premier Fury (IL) recovered from their first day loss to Scorpions Elite (MA) with a 1-0 win over So Cal Blues-Pearson (CA-S) today. Corrine Harris had the lone NSA goal. As the game went on, So Cal searched for the equalizer, but NSA continued to present a strong defensive force to solidify the 1-0 victory.

Under-17 Girls
The Syosset Sting (E-NY) Under-17 Girls are determined to make it back to the US Youth Soccer National Championships, and they are off to a great start after defeating Slammers (CA-S) 1-0 today to move to 2-0 in the 2009-2010 National League season. In a tough game between teams from opposite sides of the country, Syosset's Liana Cornacchio netted the game winner with five minutes left to play to give her two goals in two games this week.

Cleveland FC (OH-N) suffered a disappointing loss yesterday in their National League opener as they fought back from a two goal deficit before falling in the final minutes. Today, they were in jeopardy of losing two in a row as Montclair United Thunderbolts' (NJ) Amanda Jones scored in the 7th minute. The score remained 1-0 until the 69th minute when Cleveland's Kelsey Smigel saved the day with three goals in six minutes. Smigel scored in the 69th, 74th and 75th minutes to net the hat trick and give Cleveland their first win.

National League action continues Saturday at Penberthy Fields at 9:45 and 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. For complete standings, scores and schedules, visit the National League Center or go to /National_League/.
US Youth Soccer National League Results | Friday, Dec. 4, 2009
Under-15 Girls Results:
Scorpions Elite (MA) 6, VSA Heat Blue (VA) 0
Goal Scorers: Scorpions: McKenzie Meehan - (7:00) (9:00), Brooke Sweeney - (10:00), Brooke Sweeney - (39:00), Lauren Berman - (47:00), Andrea O'Brien - (61:00)   

Sockers FC Chicago (IL) 2, Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) 1
Goal Scorers: Sockers: Alexa Ben - (25:00), Lauren Gierman - (39:00)  
Hurricane: Kristen Killion - (41:00) 
So Cal Blues-Draluck (CA-S) 4, NSA Premier Fireballs (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: So Cal: Sydney Zuccolotto - (8:00) (60:00) , Amber Munerlyn - (15:00) (22:00) 
Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) 0, San Diego Surf White (CA-S) 0

Under-16 Girls Results:
Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) 3, Scorpions Elite (MA) 1
Goal Scorers: Texans: Shelby Soldat - (14:00), Mary Alissa (Lissi) Lonsberry - (35:00), Kelsey Shimmick - (41:00) 
Scorpions: Katherine Hiller - (53:00)
San Diego Surf (CA-S) 0, FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) 0

NSA Premier Fury (IL) 1,
So Cal Blues-Pearson (CA-S) 0
Goal Scorers: NSA: Corrine Harris (22:00) 
NASA G12 Elite II (GA) 4, KC Select Scream Red (MO) 2
Goal Scorers: NASA: Abby Lutzenkirchen (31:00) (46:00), Brittney Reed - (49:00), Elizabeth (EJ) Johnson - (65:00)  
KC Select: Jade Gifford - (22:00), Lauren Sullivan (67:00)  

Under-17 Girls Results:
So Cal Blues-Dodge (CA-S) 1,
Dallas Texans Red (N-TX) 0
Goal Scorers: So Cal: Emily Goldstein - (15:00) 
Eagles (CA-S) 2, Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) 1
Goal Scorers: Eagles: Alisa Reich (65:00), Jaciara Mello (76:00)  
Storm: Gabby Ragazzo (25:00) 

Syosset Sting (E-NY) 1, Slammers FC (CA-S) 0
Goal Scorers: Syosset: Liana Cornacchio (85:00) 
Cleveland FC (OH-N) 3, Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) 1
Goal Scorers: Cleveland: Kelsey Smigel (69:00) (74:00) (75:00) 
Montclair: Amanda Jones (7:00) 

Upcoming Matches
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009
Under-15 Girls 10:45 a.m. So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) v Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) Penberthy 3
Under-15 Girls 10:45 a.m. San Diego Surf GU15 White (CA-S) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Penberthy 4
Under-15 Girls 10:45 a.m. VSA Heat Blue (VA) v Sockers FC Chicago (IL) Penberthy 7
Under-15 Girls 10:45 a.m. Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) v NSA U15 Premier Fireballs (IL) Penberthy 8
Under-16 Girls 12:30 a.m. FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) v So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) Penberthy 3
Under-16 Girls 12:30 a.m. Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) v San Diego Surf (CA-S) Penberthy 4
Under-16 Girls 2:30 p.m. NSA Premier Fury (IL) v NASA G12 Elite II (GA) Penberthy 3
Under-16 Girls 2:30 p.m. KC Select Scream Red (MO) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Penberthy 4
Under-17 Girls 12:30 a.m. Eagles (CA-S) v Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) Penberthy 7
Under-17 Girls 12:30 a.m. Cleveland FC (OH-N) v Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) Penberthy 8
Under-17 Girls 2:30 p.m. So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) v Syosset Sting (E-NY) Penberthy 7
Under-17 Girls 2:30 p.m. Slammers FC (CA-S) v Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) Penberthy 8

Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009
Under-15 Girls 9 a.m. Sockers FC Chicago (IL) v San Diego Surf GU15 White (CA-S) Burroughs 2
Under-15 Girls 9 a.m. Scorpions Elite (MA) v So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) Burroughs 5
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) v Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) Burroughs 2
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. NSA U15 Premier Fireballs (IL) v VSA Heat Blue (VA) Burroughs 5
Under-16 Girls 9 a.m. Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) v NASA G12 Elite II (GA) Burroughs 1
Under-16 Girls 9 a.m. NSA Premier Fury (IL) v San Diego Surf (CA-S) Burroughs 4
Under-16 Girls 11 a.m. KC Select Scream Red (MO) v So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) Burroughs 1
Under-16 Girls 11 a.m. FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Burroughs 4
Under-17 Girls 9 a.m. Syosset Sting (E-NY) v Cleveland FC (OH-N) Burroughs 6
Under-17 Girls 9 a.m. Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) v Slammers FC (CA-S) Burroughs 7
Under-17 Girls 11 a.m. Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) v So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) Burroughs 6
Under-17 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) v Eagles (CA-S) Burroughs 7
*Subject to change.


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