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First round of US Youth Soccer National League play nears the end

December 4, 2009 09:00 PM
Day 3 of 4 complete
Scores and Standings [

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS (Dec. 5, 2009) –The US Youth Soccer National League games were delayed today by one hour because of frost on the ground, but that did not stop the teams from competing at the highest level, as they know there is only one more day remaining in this weekend of play to solidify their standings until the next meeting Orlando, Fla.

Throughout the weekend, teams have had the opportunity to attend the NCAA Women's College Cup games that are also being held on the campus of Texas A&M University. The National League coincides with the College Cup not only to maximize exposure to college coaches, but also for the players to watch teams competing at the next level.

The final day of matches will be played at Burroughs Park in Tomball, Texas, with the next meetings being held in Orlando, Fla., at the end of December and then in Las Vegas in mid-March. For a complete US Youth Soccer National League schedule, click here.

Under-15 Girls
The Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) took the early lead over opponent So Cal Blues-Draluck (CA-S) in today's match up with a 5th minute goal from Julia Dyche. Four minutes into the second half, Jasmine Hart extended the Texans' lead to 2-0 with a goal of her own. The Texans held onto the 2-0 score to mark their second victory of the weekend.

Coming off of Friday's 2-1 loss to Sockers FC Chicago (IL), HFC 95 Rhein (OK) showed they were ready for a victory when Kristen Killion opened today's game against another Illinois team, NSA Premier Fireballs with a 5th minute goal. Madison Saliba and Lauren Wagoner upped the HFC lead to 3-0 with goals in the 12th and 26th minutes. Revitalized after the half, HFC knocked in two more goals in the 55th and 69th minutes thanks to Claire Kelley and Madison Saliba. The game ended at 5-0.

Under-16 Girls
The temperature warmed up for the So Cal Blues–Pearson (CA-S) and FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) Under-16 Girls game, but the teams battled through a rain-soaked field and ended in a scoreless draw. Despite both teams' best efforts, neither were able to take advantage of a handful of shots.

Today featured a highly anticipated matchup in a rematch of last year's Under-15 Girls US Youth Soccer National Championship Final. The San Diego Surf (CA-S) and Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) both entered the game with a win and a tie to start the week, but the Surf defended last year's result with a goal in each half to once again defeat the Texans. Kate Perry put Surf in the lead in the 8th minute, and the game grew more and more intense as pride was on the line. The Texans tried to battle back, but Surf stood firm and toward the end of the game gained momentum. In the 70th minute Surf extended the lead as Stephanie Hamilton converted a corner kick and the game ended in favor of the defending champs.

Under-17 Girls
The Montclair United Thunderbolts (NJ) earned their first victory of the season with a 2-0 win over the Eagles of Southern California. Erin McGovern notched both goals for Montclair with the first coming in the 21st minute. Just 10 minutes into the second half McGovern got her second to put Montclair back in contention in the Under-17 Girls bracket with the win.

Cleveland FC (OH-N) has recovered well after dropping their first game of the season in the final minutes as they have won their last two after defeating Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) 2-1 today. Maura Gorman started off the scoring in the 6th minute to give Cleveland a 1-0 lead early. Ponte Vedra fought back with a goal a minute before halftime from Theresa Diederich, but Cleveland reassumed the lead for good in the 55th minute on a goal from Brianna DeFelice.

National League action continues Sunday at Burroughs Park in Tomball, Texas at 9 and 11 a.m. at Burroughs Park in Tomball, Texas. For complete standings, scores and schedules, visit the National League Center or go to /National_League/. Follow National League on Twitter (@nationalleague) throughout the season 
US Youth Soccer National League Results | Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009
Under-15 Girls Results:
Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) 2, So Cal Blues-Draluck (CA-S) 0
Goal Scorers: Texans: Julia Dyche (5:00), Jasmine Hart (44:00) 
San Diego Surf White (CA-S) 1, Scorpions Elite (MA) 1
Goal Scorers: Surf: Megan Abutin (67:00)
Scorpions: Lauren Berman (56:00)
VSA Heat Blue (VA) 5, Sockers FC Chicago (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: VSA: Ashley Herndon (10:00), Morgan Reuther (24:00), Samantha Toorish (39:00), Emily Lung (65:00), Regan Houston (79:00)
Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) 5, NSA Premier Fireballs (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: Hurricane: Kristen Killion (5:00), Madison Saliba (12:00) (69:00), Lauren Wagner (27:00), Claire Kelley (55:00) 

Under-16 Girls Results:
FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) 0, So Cal Blues-Pearson (CA-S) 0

NSA Premier Fury (IL) 2, NASA G12 Elite II (GA) 2
Goal Scorers: NSA: Zoe Swift (60:00), Christina Ordonez (79:00)  
NASA: Brittney Reed (33:00), Samantha Thomas (56:00)  

Scorpions Elite (MA) 2, KC Select Scream Red (MO) 1
Goal Scorers: KC Select: Bailey Hensley (61:00) 
Scorpions: Lindsey O'neil (5:00), Katherine Hiller (77:00) 

San Diego Surf (CA-S) 2, Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) 0
Goal Scorers: Surf: Sarah Adams (13:00), Stephanie Hamilton (70:00)
Under-17 Girls Results:
So Cal Blues-Dodge (CA-S) 2,
Syosset Sting (E-NY) 1
Goal Scorers: So Cal: Lauren Bohaboy - (65:00) (75:00) 
Syosset: Amy Marron (50:00) 
Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) 2, Eagles (CA-S) 0
Goal Scorers: Montclair: Erin McGovern (21:00) (50:00)
Slammers FC (CA-S) 2, Dallas Texans Red (N-TX) 0
Goal Scorers: Slammers: Kaitlin Hellmann (15:00), Courtney Droctor (23:00) 

Cleveland FC (OH-N) 2, Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) 1
Goal Scorers: Cleveland: Maura Gorman (6:00), Brianna DeFelice (55:00)  
Storm: Theresa "T" Diederich (39:00) 

Upcoming Matches
Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009
Under-15 Girls 9 a.m. Sockers FC Chicago (IL) v San Diego Surf GU15 White (CA-S) Burroughs 2
Under-15 Girls 9 a.m. Scorpions Elite (MA) v So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) Burroughs 5
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 95 Red (N-TX) v Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) Burroughs 2
Under-15 Girls 11 a.m. NSA U15 Premier Fireballs (IL) v VSA Heat Blue (VA) Burroughs 5
Under-16 Girls 9 a.m. Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-TX) v NASA G12 Elite II (GA) Burroughs 1
Under-16 Girls 9 a.m. NSA Premier Fury (IL) v San Diego Surf (CA-S) Burroughs 4
Under-16 Girls 11 a.m. KC Select Scream Red (MO) v So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) Burroughs 1
Under-16 Girls 11 a.m. FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-PA) v Scorpions Elite (MA) Burroughs 4
Under-17 Girls 9 a.m. Syosset Sting (E-NY) v Cleveland FC (OH-N) Burroughs 6
Under-17 Girls 9 a.m. Ponte Vedra Storm (FL) v Slammers FC (CA-S) Burroughs 7
Under-17 Girls 11 a.m. Montclair Thunderbolts (NJ) v So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) Burroughs 6
Under-17 Girls 11 a.m. Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-TX) v Eagles (CA-S) Burroughs 7
*Subject to change.


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