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1993 Girls | 2010 US Youth Soccer ODP Girls interregional national camp

February 15, 2010 09:00 PM

Region Position First Name Last Name
I CB Ariana Aston
I CB Zoe Boyd
I OMF/WF Maria Canicatti
I AMF Danielle Colaprico
I AMF Katy Colas
I OB Victoria Gersh
I OMF Joy Grove
I T Kelsey Haycook
I OB Meghenn Jackson
I AMF Nicole Koretsky
I GK Katelyn Koslosky
I T Kelsey McQuaid
I AMF Gabby Moreno
I AMF Gina Righini
I AMF Colby Woeltz
I AMF Katie Yensen
II AMF Kelly Lewers
II WF Samantha Areman
II GK Natalie Smith
II DMF Megan Giesen
II AMF Amber Paul
II OB Lauren Reid
II WF Olivia Schultz
II DMF Delaney Kiely
II WF Allie Stephenson
III WF Victoria Abnathy
III DMF Jessica Baity
III WF Sara Coleman
III OB Anna Dulaney
III OB Cierra Grubbs
III AMF Stephanie Hepfer
III WF Iyana Moore
III CB Taylor Navaiz
III OB Brittany Reed
III WF Janea Simpson
III AMF Madison Smith
III CB Courtney Stutts
III WF Sara Trexler
III GK Chapel Thomas
III T Alexandra Cook
IV GK Jordan Day
IV T Jocelyn Jeffers
IV T Chrystal Martinez
IV AMF Carly Bolyard
IV AMF Kelly McGrath
IV T Tiana Fujimoto
IV GK Kylie Wassell
IV OMF Maryn Beutler
IV CD Monique Morrison
IV OMF Victoria Shimkus
IV AMF Madison Barney
IV T Rebekah Kurle




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