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Virgil Stringfield II named as 2010 US Youth Soccer Excellence in Youth Coaching Education award recipient

February 16, 2010 09:00 PM
Twitter: @USYouthSoccer, live announcements from the Awards Gala
FRISCO, Texas (Feb. 17, 2010) - US Youth Soccer announces the Excellence in Coaching Education award recipient, Virgil Stringfield II. 
Along with the Hall of Fame inductees and yearly awards winners, Stringfield will be honored at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala on Friday, Feb. 26, at 7:30 p.m., as part of the US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop in Fort Worth, Texas.
The Excellence in Coaching Education award is also known as the Dr. Thomas Fleck award. It is designed to honor a lifetime of dedication where one has led with integrity, honor, humor and humility and has made extensive and far reaching contributions to the process by which youth soccer coaches are educated in America.
Stringfield is a co-author of The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual. Three of his co-authors are fellow award winners: Thomas Fleck, Ph.D., Ronald Quinn, Ph.D., and David Carr, Ph.D.

Stringfield holds his USSF "A" License and National Youth License for coaching. He also received a national diploma from the NSCAA. He has over 30 years of experience coaching club teams and over 20 years of experience coaching and administering soccer camps.

Within US Youth Soccer, Stringfield has been a national instructor since 2003. From 1995-1997, he was a committee member for US Youth Soccer Region IV. In 1992, he coached US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Girls Region III.

At the State Association level, he was on Florida Youth Soccer Association's coaching staff since 1983 with the exception of when he was director of coaching in Arkansas State Soccer Association from 1998-1999 and in Arizona Youth Soccer Association from 1995-1997. From 1993-1994, Stringfield was a state staff coach for Louisiana Soccer Association. Currently, he is the director of coaching education for Florida Youth Soccer.

Stringfield has been part of the USSF national coaching staff instructing National Youth License and USSF ""C"" License courses since 1996. He helped design the curriculum for the National Youth License.

He holds a master of education, physical education, from William Carey College. Stringfield was an adjunct instructor at William Carey College from 1988-1989 then at Seminole Community College from 1990-1993. Stringfield also taught math in secondary schools for 11 years.

He was William Carey's assistant men's coach from 1987-1989 and the women's head coach from 1988-1989. He was Florida Southern College's assistant men's coach from 1985-1987.
For more information about the US Youth Soccer's Dr. Thomas Fleck award or the US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop, visit
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