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US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Region I ties Krasnodar Regional Team

March 6, 2010 09:00 PM
On Saturday, March 6, US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Girls Region I tied Russia's Krasnodar Regional Team, 2-2, in the Kuban Spring Tournament.
Region I took an early lead in the match in the 17th minute when a well-struck, indirect kick struck by Tori Leigh was redirected into the goal by a Krasnodar defender. The match was a physical match, with Krasnodar imposing their presence on the game both on the ground and in the air. Region I took their 1-0 lead into the half. Midfielder Jenna Gibney made a streaking run into the box to finish a low driven ball by Tori Leigh.

Following Region I's second goal, rain began and continued for much of the remainder of the second half and the 2-0 lead didn't last for long, as Krasnodar scored from long range in the 55th minute, less than 7 minutes after Region I went up. Just four minutes later, Krasnodar scored again tying the game when a free player on the flank crossed a ball that was driven on a full volley on a great finish.

Later in the day the team attended the opening ceremonies. Sunday will consist of a team meeting and video review session, along with an on field training session in preparation for Monday's match against the Urals (Russia) Regional Team.

US Youth Soccer Region I 2, Krasnodar Regional Team 2
Region I Scorers
(Own Goal) redirected by a Krasnodar defender from an indirect kick taken 35 yards from goal by Tori Leigh (17:00), Jenna Gibney (assist Tori Leigh from an indirect kick taken 30 yards from goal) (48:00)




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