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US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Region I advance to next round

March 9, 2010 09:00 PM
The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Girls Region I won their second match and tied their third to move to the next round of the Kuban Spring Tournament.
Region I won 9-0 over the Under-19 Uzbekistan National Team on Tuesday. Region I got off to a quick start with Ariana Aston scoring off a cross from to the far post by Jane Wallis. Region I exploded in the second half with seven goals. Jennifer Gibbons scored twice and Kristen Schmidbauer recorded three assists.
Region I then tied the Under-19 Ukraine National team, 1-1. Region I got off to a quick start scoring in the 10th minute after a handball was called inside the penalty area and a penalty kick was awarded. Kristen Schmidbauer buried the ball in the back of the net and Region I stayed ahead through the first half. In the 43rd minute, Ukraine scored on a direct kick from just outside the penalty area to tie the match 1-1.
Region I finished second in the first round and is advancing to the quarterfinals  to play the Under-19 Turkey National Team on Friday, March 12.

Region I 9, Ubekistan NT 0
Region I Scorers: Jane Wallis assisted by Ariana Aston (8:00), Lucy Gildein assisted by Kristen Schmidbauer (27:00), Jennifer Gibbons assisted by Kristen Schmidbauer (40:00), Tori McCombs assisted by Allison Yeager (56:00), Jennifer Gibbons (59:00), Sloan DePiero assisted by Tara Kerns (60:00), Hayley Miller assisted by Katherine Greer (66:00), Jenna Gibney assisted by Haley Miller (76:00)
Region I 1, Ukraine 1
Region I Scorer: Kristen Schmidbauer (10:00)



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