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National League Boys and Girls play continues in Las Vegas

March 19, 2010 10:00 PM
Day 2 of 3 complete
Scores and Standings [
U-17G Slammers FC (CA-S), U-15B Albion SC (CA-S), U-16B Blast FC (OH-N), U-16 Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) earned a spot at the US Youth Soccer National Championships

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Las Vegas (March 20, 2010) – The US Youth Soccer National League Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 Boys and Girls completed their second match of the weekend today at Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex in Las Vegas today. Under-17 Girls Slammers FC (CA-S), Under-15 Boys Albion SC (CA-S), Under-16 Boys Blast FC (OH-N) and Under-16 Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) secured their spots in the US Youth Soccer National Championships.

Under-15 Girls
The Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) needed wins today and tomorrow to advance to the National Championships. Today, they are one step closer with a 3-1 win over So Cal Blues-Draluck (CA-S). Elizabeth Keester put Hurricane on the boards early in the 2nd minute. Shiloh Price put the Hurricanes up by two in the 16th minute. The Blues rallied and Amber Munerlyn scored in the 36th minute after beating the defense and going one-on-one with the keeper. In the 70th minute, Kristen Killion secured the Hurricane's win. Tomorrow Hurricane plays VSA Heat Blue (VA).

Under-16 Girls
NASA G12 Elite II (GA) needed the win today to continue on their path to the National Championships. NASA won 2-1 over the San Diego Surf (CA-S). NASA moves to third place with one game left tomorrow against the Scorpions Elite (MA). Today, Emily Sonnett scored in the 15th minute for NASA. Less than five minutes later, Surf tied the match with a Stephanie Hamilton goal in the 19th minute. In the 66th minute, Julia Nelson scored giving NASA the win.

Under-17 Girls
The Slammers (CA-S) came out with something to prove after missing advancing to the National Championships last year when their third place ranking was decided by goal differentials. Advancing to the 2010 National Championships was the team goal. The focus paid off and the Slammers punched their ticket to nationals with a 3-0 win over the Eagles (CA-S). In last year's California South State Championship final against the Eagles, Frannie Coxe broke her leg. Today, she earned a hat trick with goals in the 34th, 64th and 88th minutes.

Under-15 Boys
LAFC Chelsea (CA-S) is currently in a three-way tie for second place in the standings after a 3-1 win today over the Michigan Wolves (MI). Tomorrow, LAFC faces Albion SC, who already earned their spot at the National Championships. A win or a tie for LAFC will send them to nationals. Today, Bryan Gutierrez got LAFC on the boards early with a goal in the 7th minute. Luis Flores brought the LAFC's lead to two going into the half with a goal in the 20th minute. In the final minutes, LAFC's Andres Muniz-Guiterrez scored in the 76th minute. In the 80th minute Jake Genrich put the Wolves on the board, but it wasn't enough. LAFC won 3-1.

Under-16 Boys
The match between Blast FC (OH-N) and Sereno 94 White (AZ) was important for both teams and the energy on the field reflected both team's desire to win. The Blast went ahead early with a goal from David Witkoff in the 8th minute and Jared Newman in the 11th minute. The last three goals of the match were scored in quick succession. Sereno's Douglass Jamison scored in the 68th minute to close the gap. Two minutes later his teammate Cory Zimmerman finished in the 70th minute to tie. Louis Naiman scored immediately after to leave the advantage with the Blast. The Blast won 3-2. Today's win secures the Blast's spot in the National Championships as well.

Under-17 Boys
The TSC 93 Red (OK) won their second match of the League season today over Blast FC Red (OH-S), 1-0. TSC's Gustavo Lopez scored in the 20th minute. Tomorrow, TSC plays Elite FC Gladiators (NM). The two National Championships spots have already been secured by GSA Phoenix Red 93 (GA) and Penn Fusion Academy Coppa 82 (EPA).

National League action continues Sunday, March 21 at Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex with games starting at 8 a.m. PST. For complete standings, scores and schedules, visit the National League Center or go to /National_League/. Follow National League on Twitter (@nationalleague

US Youth Soccer National League Results | Saturday, March 20, 2010
Under-15 Girls
Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) 3, So Cal Blues-Draluck (CA-S) 1
Goal Scorers: Hurricane: Elizabeth Keester (2:00), Shiloh Price (16:00), Kristen Killion (70:00)
Blues: Amber Munerlyn (36:00)

San Diego Surf White (CA-S) 2, VSA Heat Blue (VA) 0
Goal Scorers: Surf: Kylie Dick (62:00), Erika Leal (80:00)

Under-16 Girls
So Cal Blues-Pearson (CA-S) 4, Scorpions Elite (MA) 0
Goal Scorers: Blues: Mikhaila Bowden Berry (39:00), Janae Cousineau (58:00), Jessica White (68:00), Alyssa Montejo (80:00)

NASA G12 Elite II (GA) 2, San Diego Surf (CA-S) 1
Goal Scorers: NASA: Emily Sonnett (15:00), Julia Nelson (66:00)
Surf: Stephanie Hamilton (19:00)

Under-17 Girls
So Cal Blues-Dodge (CA-S) 3, Cleveland FC (OH-N) 2
Goal Scorers: Blues: Lauren Bohaboy (39:00), Erica Mazeau (81:00), Kaylie Davidson (86:00)
Cleveland: Megan Giesen (22:00), Jillian Graff (41:00)

Slammers FC (CA-S) 3, Eagles FC (CA-S) 0

Goal Scorers: Slammers: Frannie Coxe (34:00) (64:00) (88:00)

Under-15 Boys
LAFC Chelsea (CA-S) 3, Michigan Wolves (MI) 1
Goal Scorers: LAFC: Bryan Gutierrez (7:00), Luis Flores (20:00), Andres Muniz-Guiterrez (76:00)
Wolves: Jake Genrich (80:00)

Under-16 Boys
Blast FC (OH-N) 3, Sereno 94 White (AZ) 2
Goal Scorers: Blast: David Witkoff (8:00), Jared Newman (11:00), Louis Naiman (70:00)
Sereno: Douglass Jamison (68:00), Cory Zimmerman (70:00)

Solar Red 94 (N-TX) 3, Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) 2
Goal Scorers: Solar: Kyle Underwood (31:00), Eric Dinka (58:00), John Vinson (72:00)
Crew: Jason Stacy (26:00) (48:00)

Under-17 Boys
Elite FC Gladiators (NM) 3, Hicksville Strikers (E-NY) 1
Goal Scorers: Elite FC: Ian Rosado (49:00), Morgan Hall (60:00), Jaime Hernandez (85:00)
Hicksville:Ryan Tauss (70:00)

TSC 93 Red (OK) 1, Blast FC Red (OH-S) 0
Goal Scorers: TSC: Gustavo Lopez (20:00)

Upcoming Matches | Sunday, March 21, 2010
Boys Time Home Visitor Field
Under-15 8 a.m. LAFC Chelsea (CA-S) v Albion SC (CA-S) 6
Under-16 9:45 a.m. Sereno 94 White (AZ) v Solar Red 94 (N-TX) 5
Under-16 9:45 a.m. Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) v Blast FC (OH-S) 6
Under-17 8 a.m. Elite FC Gladiators (NM) v TSC 93 Red (OK) 7
Under-17 8 a.m. Hicksville Strikers (E-NY) v Blast FC Red (OH-S) 8
Girls Time Home   Visitor Field
Under-15 10 a.m. VSA Heat Blue (VA) v Hurricane FC 95 Rhein (OK) 7
Under-15 10 a.m. So Cal Blues - Draluck (CA-S) v San Diego Surf White (CA-S) 8
Under-16 8 a.m. Scorpions Elite (MA) v NASA G12 Elite II (GA) 3
Under-16 8 a.m. San Diego Surf (CA-S) v So Cal Blues - Pearson (CA-S) 4
Under-17 9:45 a.m. So Cal Blues - Dodge (CA-S) v Slammers FC (CA-S) 3
Under-17 9:45 a.m. Eagles (CA-S) v Cleveland FC (OH-N) 4
*Subject to change. All times are local.

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