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US Youth Soccer and US National Soccer Team Players Association create alliance

July 5, 2011 01:00 PM
Exclusive three-year agreement designed to impact development opportunities of youth coaches and players and create a greater connection between youth, professional and national team players for the benefit of American soccer

FRISCO, Texas and Washington, D.C. (July 5, 2011) – US Youth Soccer and the US National Soccer Team Players Association have entered into a 3-year exclusive partnership naming US Youth Soccer as the official youth soccer organization of the US National Soccer Team Players Association. The Players Association, created in 1996, is the players union for the members of the United States Men's national soccer team.

"During our first meeting I realized the potential of this relationship and how our two associations could work together," said Larry Monaco, national board member of US Youth Soccer. "It is essential to integrate soccer from youth teams through the National Team to continue our progress toward developing the United States as a soccer nation. Providing increased access to current and former members of our National Team and leveraging their collective experiences as players will be of great value to our organization, our players, parents, coaches, referees, and team and club officials. These players have been through all levels of youth soccer and gained incredible insight from their participation and are recognized as leaders in the game. Greater awareness of our national teams and professional soccer will provide invaluable benefits for youth player and coaching development and the enjoyment of soccer in the United States."

The primary objectives of the agreement include: to work together to improve the experience of youth soccer players (male and female) in the United States, to improve the development of youth players and youth coaching, and to create a greater awareness among the youth soccer community about professional soccer, and the National Team.

"The players believe that the only way to improve soccer significantly in the United States is to partner with the primary organization developing young soccer players and at the ages that matter the most – starting when they are 5 to 13 years old," said Mark Levinstein, acting executive director of the US National Soccer Team players. The players believe that progress toward creating fans, developing players, and making the United States a leading soccer nation must start with US Youth Soccer. Our relationship with US Youth Soccer is all about utilizing the passion, experience, insights and involvement of National Team players to improve the experience for everyone involved in the Game for All Kids – the tens of millions of kids, parents, coaches, referees, administrators, and fans who are the future of soccer in the United States."

Look for upcoming announcements about new initiatives by US Youth Soccer in cooperation with the US National Team players to continue to enhance and advance the youth soccer coaching and playing experience.

To learn more about US Youth Soccer, visit and for more on the US National Soccer Team Players Association visit


About the United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) – US Youth Soccer - "The Game for ALL Kids!®" is the largest youth sports organization in the country and largest member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body of soccer in the United States.  US Youth Soccer registers more than 3 million players annually, ages 5 to 19, and over 900,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers in 55 member State Associations.  US Youth Soccer programs provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game.  For more information, visit

About the United States National Soccer Team Players Association (USNSTPA or US National Soccer Players) -- is the players association and labor union representing current members of the US National Men's Soccer Team players in collective bargaining with the US Soccer Federation. In addition, the players association includes as its members all current and former members of the US National Team and is involved in various activities to advance the sport of soccer, the opportunities for current and former members of the US National team, and various charitable causes. For more information, visit

Media Request: When referring to the United States Youth Soccer Association, the largest youth sports organization in the United States, please refer to the association only as US Youth Soccer, and never as USYS or USYSA.  We appreciate your cooperation.




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