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Get Out! Get Fit! Get Active! Celebrate Youth Soccer Month

August 25, 2011 01:15 PM
National Youth Soccer Month kicks off Sept. 1
Enter the
Giveaway-a-day starting Sept. 1
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Twitter @soccermonth and become a fan at
US Youth Soccer, the nation's largest youth sports association, is excited to kick off the ninth annual Youth Soccer Month – Celebrating Soccer in America on September 1, and the celebration continues throughout the month promoting the benefits of soccer.
"Youth Soccer Month is something we look forward to each year at US Youth Soccer," president of US Youth Soccer John Sutter said. "Soccer is a wonderful sport and has so much to offer, so we take great pride in promoting its many benefits, including fun, family, friendship and fitness. More American children play organized soccer than any other sport. This celebration furthers US Youth Soccer's mission to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition." 
Youth Soccer Month 2011 includes working with local leadership to organize grassroots public affairs campaigns, numerous local events and media relations initiatives. In one such event, US Youth Soccer and the annual Youth Soccer Month celebration are proud to join in the Worldwide Day of Play this September. Worldwide Day of Play is an entire day dedicated to active play. US Youth Soccer and Youth Soccer Month will join other organizations seeking to impact youth health and fitness on Worldwide Day of Play on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for a day of family-friendly activities hosted by the best in professional and youth sports, health and wellness and community partners. Worldwide Day of Play is celebrated with more than 3,500 local events in all 50 states and in 13 countries.

More than 30 college events are scheduled, where spectators will receive Youth Soccer Month hand fans, T-shirts, and see Youth Soccer Month banners as they cheer on their hometown team. Additionally, Youth Soccer Month will be promoted at each of the NSCAA Game of the Week.
In 2011, US Youth Soccer will be hosting a Giveaway-a-Day contest in which participants can win soccer balls, T-shirts, books, scarves and coaching kits throughout the month. Check daily in September for a chance to win the Giveaway-a-Day just in time for fall soccer season.
Follow Youth Soccer Month on Twitter @soccermonth to learn more about how to get involved in Youth Soccer Month and become a fan at Add photos of you and your friends celebrating Youth Soccer Month and enjoying the game.

How can you celebrate?
·     Giveaway-a-Day
·     Cheer on your favorite college team
·     Master your soccer skills and track your progress
Each week during Youth Soccer Month will focus on a different message celebrating soccer. The four messages of Youth Soccer month are:
·     Fun: (Week of September 5)
Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.
·     Family: (Week of September 12)
Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations and family time are coordinated.
·     Friendship: (Week of September 19)
The relationships generated through playing soccer extend beyond the field.
·     Fitness: (Week of September 26)
The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefits of playing soccer.
Join the national celebration of Youth Soccer Month today. Learn more at on how to get involved and share your ideas. Please contact Ali Williams at with questions.



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