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Make a nomination for the US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame

September 7, 2011 10:00 PM
Nominations are now being accepted for the US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame.  Nominations are due Oct. 15. In 2007, Donald Greer was honored as the charter member for founding US Youth Soccer and his service in developing the association.
The class of 2011 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the Awards Gala during the US Youth Soccer Workshop, Feb. 16-18, 2012, in Boston.
The US Youth Soccer Awards Gala will serve as the highlight of Friday night in Boston. The Gala showcases and rewards soccer successes of the past year and over a lifetime. In addition to inducting the fifth class of the US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame, the association is presenting awards for Recreational and Competitive Coach of the Year (boys and girls), Dr. Thomas Fleck Award for Excellence in Coaching Education, Administrator and Volunteer of the Year, Goal and Save of the Year and Young Referee of the Year (male and female).
Players, coaches, referees, administrators or meritorious honors can be given.
Players have distinguished themselves with an outstanding standard of play and/or performance as a member of US Youth Soccer. Players participated in youth games as a registered member of US Youth Soccer for at least six consecutive years.
Administrators, referees and coaches have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and/or leadership that have made significant contributions to the improvement of the sport and its participants nationwide. They have contributed directly for a period of six or more years at the national level of US Youth Soccer.
Meritorious recognition is awarded to individuals or organizations involved in the support of US Youth Soccer in non-playing capacities.

Registration for the US Youth Soccer Workshop is open at Registration is $100 (50 percent discount) through Dec. 16.



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