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2010 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup concludes in Tennessee

July 10, 2010 10:00 PM
Final games complete
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U-16B Thunders United (S-TX) claim back-to-back National Presidents Cup titles
Cal South, Massachussets and South Texas each take home two crowns

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (July 11, 2010) –
Eight teams have gone on to claim the 2010 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup titles today, in the Under-14 through Under-17 boys and girls age groups, at the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex in Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

2010 National Presidents Cup Champions
Under-14 Girls
PVSC Exiles Black
Under-15 Girls
Freedom Soccer Club Blue
Under-16 Girls
South Bay Force Blue
Under-17 Girls
Western United FC
Under-14 Boys
Shalrie Joseph SC
Under-15 Boys
Sagebrush United Red
Under-16 Boys
Thunders United
Under-17 Boys
Texas Rush Nike 92/93
PVSC Exiles (CA-S) Under-14 Girls notched the National Presidents Cup championship title to mark a perfect record with a 4-1 win over Bethesda Threat (MD) in the finals. Sarah Sanger shot a 2nd minute opener for PVSC, but Bethesda's Kenza Mdarhi Alaoui countered in the 28th. Lauren Kai, Jordyn Alves and Karlee Neer wrapped up the victory with goals in the 38th, 42nd and 61st minutes.

A 4-1 final score over FC Napoli (MA) awarded Ohio South's Freedom Soccer Club the title of Under-15 Girls champion. Christy Macioce and Elizabeth Awuah gave Freedom the early 2-0 lead with goals in the 10th and 36th minutes. Delaney Barrett upped the lead with one in the 51st and Jenna Scanlon hit Napoli's lone goal in the 68th. Finalizing the win, Awuah hit her second in the 80th. Freedom was undefeated throughout the competition.

In the first day of play, AR Rush Nike 94 and South Bay Force Blue (CA-S) Under-16 Girls tied 1-1, and the championship game was a re-match for the two teams. Both were looking for a win, but the game was knotted at 0-0 when the final whistle blew. Taking the game to PKs, South Bay came out on top 4-2 to be named champion.

Western United FC (MA) had a 3-0 win over SVSC Eclipse (CA-S) for the Under-17 Girls National Presidents Cup crown. Merissa Phipps had one in the 43rd with Hanna Strong and Alison Blanchette finding goals in the 86th and 90th minutes for the win.

Shalrie Joseph SC (MA) Under-14 Boys were on a clear mission, capture the National Presidents Cup championship. They did just that with a 3-0 victory over AVSC Ambush (CA-S). Zachary Herivaux netted one in the 13th minute and teammates Silmar Bueno and Lance Mayo closed it up with 49th and 52nd minute goals for the title.
In the highest scoring game of the finals, Sagebrush United Red (NV) Under-15 Boys topped Texas Rush Nike 94/95 (S-TX) 5-3. Sagebrush took the early lead, completing two goals in the first 40 minutes, compliments of Cedric Jones and Irvin Somera. Then, Rush countered with two of their own from Juan Canizales and Michael Perales in the 40th and 43rd minutes. Christian Martinez gave Sagebrush the 3-2 lead in the 49th and Jones extended with his second of the game in the 75th. Martinez rounded out the 5-3 victory in the 78th.

The Under-16 Boys Thunders United (S-TX) were looking for back-to-back National Presidents Cup titles as they entered the finals match against Idaho Rush Nike, a team that defeated them 1-0 in the first day of preliminary play. Thunders' Juan Garcia opened with a 20th minute goal for the early lead over Rush. Alan Cortinas secured the 2-0 victory with his 52nd minute goal for Thunders United to clinch their second title.

The Under-17 Boys championship match was decided by a single goal. Texas Rush Nike 92/93 (S-TX) hit a 51st minute goal by Zach Gibson for the 1-0 win over So Cal Rush 92 Nike.

Championship and Consolation scores | National Presidents Cup
  Under-14 Girls
Championship PVSC Exiles Black CA-S 4 Bethesda Threat MD 1
PVSC - Sarah Sanger (2:00) | PVSC - Lauren  Kai (38:00) | PVSC - Jordyn Alves (42:00) | PVSC - Karlee Neer (61:00)
BSC  - Kenza  Mdarhi Alaoui (28:00)
Consolation Freedom Soccer Club Blue OH-S 1 Forsyth Fusion 96 Gold GA 2
FSC - Danielle Dixson (46:00) | FSN - Taylor Kemmeling (5:00) | FSN - Taylor Kemmeling (62:00)
Under-15 Girls
Championship Freedom Soccer Club Blue OH-S 4 FC Napoli MA 1
FSC - Christy Macioce (10:00) | FSC - Elizabeth Awuah (36:00) (80:00) | FSC - Delaney Barrett (51:00)
FCN - Jenna Scanlon (68:00)
Consolation Miami Lakes Soccer Club FL 4 Palmdale Thunder 94 CA-S 2
PTSC - Amanda Mitchell (6:00) | PTSC - Antonia Burrell (10:00)
MLSC - Sharon  Tejeda (38:00) (40:00) | MLSC - Amanda Nelson (55:00) (71:00)
Under-16 Girls
Championship AR Rush Nike 94  AR 0 South Bay Force Blue CA-S 0 PKs 2-4
Consolation St. Louis Scott Gallagher Red MO 1 Manhattan Kickers SC 93 NY-E 0
SLSC - Jordan Retzlaff (36:00)
Under-17 Girls
Championship Western United FC MA 3 SVSC Eclipse CA-S 0
WUFC - Merissia Phipps (43:00) | WUFC - Hanna Strong (86:00) | WUFC - Alison Blanchette (90:00)
Consolation Central Brevard Cyclones FL 1 SFE Fusion IN 2
CBSG - Olivia Berry (12:00) | SFE  - Abigail Springer (41:00) | SFE  - Emily Black (90:00)
Under-14 Boys
Championship AVSC Ambush CA-S 0 Shalrie Joseph SC MA 3
SJSC - Zachary  Herivaux (13:00) | SJSC - Silmar Bueno (49:00) | SJSC - Lance Mayo (52:00)
Consolation IMG Soccer Academy FL 2 Cincinnati United Premier Crew Jr. Silver OH-S 2
IMG - Brandon Ordonez (29:00) | IMG - Trevor Lamb (36:00) | CUP - Henry Myers (58:00) | CUP - Andrew Schneider (69:00)
Under-15 Boy
Championship Texas Rush Nike 94/95 TX-S 3 Sagebrush United Red NV 5
TXRN - Juan Canizales (40:00) | TXRN - Michael Perales (43:00) | TXRN - Francisco Cisneros (77:00) | SBSC - Cedric Keon Jones (15:00) | SBSC - Irvin Somera (30:00)
SBSC - Christian Martinez (49:00) | SBSC - Cedric Keon Jones (75:00) | SBSC - Christian Martinez (78:00)
Consolation VFC Blast MA 1 Millennium SA Fire IN 2
VFC - Raffi Chilingaryan (9:00) | MSA - Bay Kurtz (25:00) | MSA - Alex Becker (36:00)
Under-16 Boys
Championship Idaho Rush Nike ID 0 Thunders United TX-S 2
THUN - Juan Garcia (20:00) | THUN - Alan Cortinas (52:00)
Consolation NIFA IN 3 Expo's MA 1
NIFA - Zachary McCoy (34:00) | NIFA - Eric Gee (21:00) | NIFA - Alec Stubbs (56:00)
EXP - Saul Talavera (63:00)
Under-17 Boys
Championship So Cal Rush 92 Nike CA-S 0 Texas Rush Nike 92/93 TX-S 1
TXRU - Zach Gibson (51:00)
Consolation DSB Kickers 92 DE 2 Cutters 93 Red IN 0
DSB - Alex Taylor (56:00) | DSB - Joshua Wollaston (74:00)
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