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The Fall soccer season is here, get connected

August 2, 2010 10:00 PM
Click here to join today
US Youth Soccer provides a great educational opportunity for coaches, referees, administrators and parents with the Coaches Connection.  The Coaches Connection provides members with a link to the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Network: National Staff Coaches, plus 55 State Association Directors of Coaching Education and their staffs, as well as guest lectures from around the world!

The Connection is all about connectivity and the ability to communicate with educators from across the country.  Get connected with leaders in the field of coaching and player development. Stay current with discussions on such hot topics as small-sided games; recreation vs. competitive soccer; ethics and morals in sport.
Keep connected with continuing education opportunities online at Get the latest information on training youth players, learn the latest in age appropriate training activities, and find out where and when special events will be in a location near you!
Stay connected throughout the year-not just the season!
Coaches Connection benefits include:
· Subscription to Success in Soccer Magazine
· US Youth Soccer's Kwik Kicks monthly e-newsletter
· Official ""Coaches Connection"" member T-shirt from adidias
· Choice of one US Youth Soccer educational DVD
· Discounted admission to special Connection clinics and events
· Discounts on coaching aids from Success in Soccer
Additional Benefits from Success in Soccer
· How to organize interesting and effective practice sessions
· Exercises on age-appropriate technical and tactical sessions
· How to improve your team's defending and attacking abilities
· How to improve your players' power, strength, agility and speed
· In-depth information on sports psychology and motivation
· The newest and updated training techniques for goalkeepers
· World Cup, European Cup analysis and professional training information
Register today for only $29.95 per year or $50 for two yearsClick here to join now or download the Coaches Connection registration form.



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