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US Youth Soccer ODP a Common Thread Among Soccer America’s 2010 Mens’ Preseason All-Americans

September 10, 2010 07:00 AM
The 2010 Men's Preseason All-American team from Soccer America was announced last week and the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) continues to be a common thread among players who excel at the college and international levels. Twenty-five players were named to the preseason list, 21 of which were members of US Youth Soccer ODP (Three of the players named to the list grew up outside of the United States).

Michael Farfan (North Carolina) and Indy Smith (UNC-Wilmington) also won US Youth Soccer ODP Championship titles with their State US Youth Soccer ODP teams. Farfan with the California-South US Youth Soccer ODP 1988 team in 2004, and Smith with the North Carolina US Youth Soccer ODP 1988 team in 2006.

Besides a strong tie to US Youth Soccer ODP, many players selected to the Preseason All-American team also competed in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.

Farfan not only won a US Youth Soccer ODP Championship, but in 2002, his Nomads SC (CA-S) squad won the Under-14 national championship.

Soccer America named Akron its preseason No. 1 ranked team. Akron boasts four players on the Preseason All-American list with all four having played US Youth Soccer ODP. Among them, midfielder Anthony Ampaipitakwong also won a national title with the Dallas Texans (N-TX) in 2005.

Dillon Powers (Notre Dame) and Zarek Valentin (Akron) were set to meet this summer in the U-19 National Championships had they not both been called in to the U-20 U.S. National Team camp. Powers' Andromeda 91 (N-TX) had won the 2008 U-17 national championship and were back for a second, but failed to advance to the final match. Valentin, a member of the Columbus Crew Juniors (OH-S), missed the Crew's 1-0 victory over FC Delco (E-PA) as they claimed the 2010 McGuire Cup.

University of California Santa Barbara midfielder Danny Barrera was a leader on the Real So Cal (CA-S) team that won three consecutive national championships, a feat matched only by the Dallas Texans Red 88 (N-TX) and Arsenal FC (CA-S). Real So Cal claimed the 2005 (U-14), 2006 (U-15) and 2007 (U-16) national titles.

Aaron Maund, a defender at Boston College, played for the FC Greater Boston Bolts (MA) when they claimed the 2005 U-15 national championship.

Creighton's Ethan Finlay made two trips to the national championships with FC Milwaukee (WI), placing second and third, and scored the game winning goal at the Region II Championships to help his team advance.

Florida US Youth Soccer ODP has churned out some quality goalkeepers as all three keepers named, Zac MacMath (Maryland), Diego Restrepo (Virginia) and Jeffery Attinella (South Florida), played Florida ODP. Both MacMath and Attinella also played their club ball for the Clearwater Chargers.

Several other players had successful club careers as Billy Schuler (North Carolina) won seven New Jersey state championships with Matchfit Academy. Darlington Nagbe (Akron) helped his Internationals team to four Ohio-North state titles, and Cole Grossman (Duke) lead Scott Gallagher to six Missouri state crowns.

The US Youth Soccer ODP and US Youth Soccer National Championship Series have not only helped pave the way for these players to excel in the collegiate game, but 13 of the players named to the preseason list are, or have been, selected for United States Youth National Teams.

The complete list of Soccer America's 2010 Men's Preseason All-Americans is below, or you can see it here

For Soccer America's Men's Preseason Top 25, click here.

Soccer America Men's Preseason All-Americans
* Denotes US Youth Soccer ODP experience

Jeffrey Attinella* South Florida
Zac MacMath* Maryland
Diego Restrepo* Virginia


Aaron Maund* Notre Dame
Karl Reddick* Boston College
Kofi Sarkodie* Akron
Indy Smith* UNC-Wilmington
Zarek Valentin* Akron
Bobby Warshaw* Stanford


Anthony Ampaipitakwong* Akron
Danny Barrera* UC-Santa Barbara
Michael Farfan* North Carolina
Ethan Finlay* Creighton
Cole Grossman* Duke
Daniel Keat Dartmouth
Ashley McInnes Tulsa
Dillon Powers* Notre Dame


Will Bates* Virginia
Matt Eliason* Northwestern
Ryan Kinne* Monmouth
Samson Malijani Fairleigh Dickinson
Darlington Nagbe* Akron
Austin Neil Tulsa
Colin Rolfe* Louisville
Billy Schuler* North Carolina



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