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Season Preview: 2010-2011 US Youth Soccer National League Boys

November 15, 2010 01:15 PM
Nation's top boys teams kickoff year-long competition
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The 2010-2011 US Youth Soccer National League season brings many enhancements to the league – the greatest of which is the expansion from eight teams to 16 teams per gender age group. A total of 48 boys' teams in the Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 age groups will take to the field in the opening weekend of play starting Thursday, Nov. 18, and running through Sunday, Nov. 21, in Wilson, N.C. at the Wilson Gillette Soccer Complex. Each age group is split into two divisions, blue and red, in which each team plays every team in the division once throughout the season. The top team from each division earns a ticket to the 2011 US Youth Soccer National Championships.

A quick look at the boys teams by division…

Under-15 Boys Blue
Concorde Fire (GA) is the 2010 Region III Premier League East Champion and Georgia State Champion, and also rosters US Youth Soccer Regional ODP player Jack Gayton. …CUP Crew Juniors Gold (OH-S) has captured three consecutive Ohio South State Championships and were Region II semifinalist in 2009 and 2010. …FC Dallas Youth 96 (N-TX) had a big 2010, advancing to the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships semifinals and claiming the Region III Premier League West title. …Lonestars 96 Red (S-TX) are the reigning US Youth Soccer Region III Champions and took third place at the 2010 US Youth Soccer National Championships. The Lonestars are also reigning South Texas State Champions since 2007. …OBGC Rangers (MD) were 2010 Region I Championships semifinalists and have three National Team players (Bruno Scodari, Carter Manley, Mac Burke) and an ODP Regional team player (Rico Lizbinski). …Penn Fusion 95 (E-PA) takes to the field with two National Team pool and Regional ODP players in Zachary Zandi and Harrison Roche and a third ODP Regional player in Thomas Pascarella.  Penn Fusion is led by coach Lee Martin who has captured eight Eastern Pennsylvania State Championships (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 (2), 2007 (2), 2008). …Scottsdale Soccer 96 Blackhawks (AZ) are 2009 and 2010 Arizona State Champions, boasting eight Regional ODP players (Brian Booker, Tyler Dial, Samuel Gleadle, Nicolas Harguindeguy, Grant Lillard, Luis Lopez, Adam Mohsarrafa, Phillip Mourikes). …West Pines United Black (FL) were the 2009 Florida State Champion and the team is loaded with five National Team players (Romario Bernard, Walker Dawkins, Kevin Paz, Joseph Ghitis, DeAndre Robinson) and three ODP Regional players (Darren Rios, Bryan Gonzalez, Austin Sandel).

Under-15 Boys Red
95 CSA Charlotte SA Predators (NC) are the 2010 North Carolina State Champions and Region III finalists. CSA's Nathan Gordon is on the ODP Region III team. …CESA 95 Premier (SC) is a two-time South Carolina State Champion. …Lehigh Valley United 95 (E-PA) was a 2009 Region I Championship finalist and is the reigning Region I Champion with four (2007-2010) consecutive state championships under their belt. Brian Ly is on the ODP Regional team. …Michigan Jaguars (MI) are set for action with ODP Regional players James Hague and Nathan McLean. McLean is also on the National Team. …SDFC 09 Gauchos (NJ) claimed a New Jersey State Championship title in 2008. …Team America 95 Stripes (VA) are set for National League action as they roster National Team player Jorge Calix and are a three-time (2008-2010) Virginia State Champion and 2010 Region I Championships semifinalist.

Under-16 Boys Blue
Earning the title of 2009-2010 National League champion sent Albion White (CA-S) to the 2010 US Youth Soccer National Championships where they made it to the finals, but lost 2-1 after double overtime. …CESA 94 Premier (SC) have been the reigning South Carolina State Champion since 2008 and enter league play with three ODP Region III players (Austen Burnikel, Christian Calloway, Erik Clark) and Arthur Eggers in addition to being on the ODP Region III player is also a National Team player. …Eastside FC 94 Red (WA) are a four-time Washington State Champion (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010) that made it to the Region IV Championship finals in 2007 and the semifinals in 2009 and 2010. ODP Region IV players on Eastside's roster include: Beau Blanchard, Joseph Mancini, Peter Sokolis and James Molyneux-Elliot. Eastside is led by coach Dan Strom, a former ODP player, who has captured 12 state championships with eight additional appearances in the state championship finals. He has made two appearances at the Region IV Championship finals, claiming a Regional title in 1996, and in the same year, went to the National Championship finals. …Rostering three ODP Region II players (Noah Johnson, Riley Grant, John Chereson) and National Team player James Haupt, Everest SC Black (OH-N) have been crowned Ohio North State Champion since 2008. …Lake Grove United (E-NY) have an ODP Region I player in Andrew Tinari. …Minnesota Thunder Academy 95 (MN) have been the reigning state champion since 2008, and in 2010 advanced to the Region II Championships semifinals. …Reigning Virginia State Champion, Reston Knights FC (VA) boasts threeODP Region I players (Sulaiman Dainkeh, Abdi Yussaf, Moises Lazo). …Sockers Cup (IL) were a 2010 Region II semifinalist.

Under-16 Boys Red
The players on AC Bethesda (MD) represent seven different countries and roster National Team players Frederic Nzekele, Patrick Tshiani, Nicholas Corriveau, Christopher OdoiAtsem as well as ODP Region I players Vikram Pothuri, Nicholas Corriveau, Christopher OdoiAtsem and Stallon Ndawula. AC Bethesda has two state championships under their belt (2007, 2010). …ODP Region III player Forrest Denio is on AHFC 95 (S-TX). …2010 marked a big season for Concorde Fire Elite (GA) as they added Region III Premier League champion, Georgia State champion and Region III Champion to their resume. Concorde has six ODP Region III players (Kyle Richards, Cameron Moseley, Shaban Abousaud, Julio Jimenez, Francisco Miranda, Henry Chancy). …Nevada State champions in 2007, 2008 and 2010, the Downtown Rapids 95 Gold (NV) have four ODP Region IV players in Michael Gray, Robby Sagel, Tony Velazquez and Juan Carlos Regalado. Gray and Velazquez are also National Team players. …Formerly known as the Lemont Raiders, Raiders FC (IL), are no stranger to league play. The team took second place in the 2009-2010 season, advancing to the National Championships and retaining their slot in the league for this season. Raiders FC were the also 2010 Illinois State Champion.

Under-17 Boys Blue
Annandale United FC (VA) were the 2009 Virginia State Champion. …Blast FC (OH-S) return to the league for a second year after taking second place in 2010, a feat that retained their slot in the league for this season and advanced them to the 2010 National Championships. In 2008, Blast earned a state championship title and advanced to the semifinals at the Region II Championships. …Five-time Kentucky State Champion, Javanon 94 (KY) enter league play with ODP Region II players Jacob Scearce, JD Hawkins, Lindo Mfeka and Jordan Vejar on the roster as well as a 2010 MRL Premier League (Red) Championship under their belts. …PSC Coppa 93 (E-PA) are a back-to-back state champion (2009-2010), that went on to capture the 2010 Region I Championship. …2009 Region III Premier League East Champion and a state championship finalist three years running, RSL Florida (FL), hit it big in 2010 capturing their first State and Regional Championship titles, advancing all the way to the National Championship finals. RSL's Lakota Thomas also plays with the ODP Region III team. …After a successful 2009-2010 National League season, Sereno 94 White (AZ) are back with ODP Regional player Douglass Jamison and National Team player Riggs Lennon to face the nation's top teams once again. Sereno won their first State Championship title in 2005 and regained the title in 2009 when they also captured the Region IV Championship title and played in the National Championship finals. In 2010 Sereno looked to retain their Region IV title, but fell short in the finals. …TSC 94 Black (OK) have won consecutive State Championships since 2007 and in 2008 made it to the Region III semifinals and in 2009, the finals. This will be TSC's second year in the National League, and they will take to the field with ODP Region III player Thomas Carwiile. ...Waza FC 94 Black (MI) are entering their third season of league play. In 2010 they captured their first State Championship title and Midwest Regional League Premier Blue Championship.

Under-17 Boys Red
With five ODP Region III players (Walker Johnson, Reid Grayson, Kevin Fielden, Matthew Freeman, Raad Wullner) and a National Team player (Cole Seiler), the three-time state champions, CESA 93 Premier (SC), are set for what the league has to offer this season. …Commack SC United (E-NY) will step onto the field with two ODP Region I players (Sean Sepe, Jordan Orban), a 2008 Region I Northeast Premier League championship and state championship title and a 2010 Region I Premier League championship. …A back-to-back state champion and 2010 Midwest Regional League runner up, CUP Crew Jrs Gold (OH-S), enters their first season of league play with three ODP Region II players (Shane Kelly, Joey Haberer, Hunter Booth). …Dallas Texans Red (N-TX) stake claim to a 2006 North Texas State Championship title. …As the reigning Region II Champion and National League champion, Grand Rapids Crew Juniors (MI) have a proven track record over their previous two National League seasons. Prior to taking the league title in the 2009-2010 season, they slotted second place as U-15 Boys.  Grand Rapids have also notched two Michigan State Championships (2008, 2009) and two Region II Championships (2008, 2010), and have two ODP Region II players in Jacob VanderLaan and Greg Timmer. …Lou Fusz Gold Popovic (MO) have three (2007, 2008, 2010) Missouri State Championships to their name, took second place in the 2010 Midwest Regional League Premier Division and made it to the 2010 Region II Championship semifinals. Fusz takes to the field with Region II ODP members Drew Dempsey, Kyle Martin, Nick Cherry and Robbie Adams. …This is Penn Fusion Celtics (E-PA) second year of league play. …As a five-time state champion, Rush Nike Argonauts (NM) look to add to the steep competition the league offers.

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