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2010 Young Referee of the Year regional award winners announced

January 12, 2011 09:00 PM
US Youth Soccer honors regional Male and Female Young Referee of the Year
National winner to be named at US Youth Soccer Awards Gala 

Twitter: @USYouthSoccer, live announcement of national winner

FRISCO, Texas (Jan. 13, 2011) - US Youth Soccer announces the regional winners of the 2010 US Youth Soccer Male and Female Young Referee of the Year awards. The Young Referee of the Year Award honors those who have a strong work ethic, knowledge of the rules of the game and are positive role models. 
The national Young Referee of the Year winners will be announced at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala on Friday, Feb. 25, at 7:30 p.m., as part of the US Youth Soccer Workshop in Louisville, Ky.
Brief bios of the regional winners are below based on the submitted nomination forms: 
Young Female Referee of the Year regional award winners:
Region I – Anna McGuire – Weare, N.H.
Anna McGuire has been a part of the USSF Referee Program since 2006, but her cool and calm demeanor would lead one to believe that she has far greater experience than that of a Grade 8. She has refereed at such events as the US Youth Soccer ODP Region I Championships and US Youth Soccer ODP camps. McGuire's willingness to provide guidance, a friendly smile and encouragement to referees just beginning their career has made her an exemplary role model.

Region II – Monica Orjuela – Algonquin, Ill.
Throughout her five years as a referee, Monica Orjuela has not only expanded her knowledge of the laws of the game, but she has also created an exceptional presence on the field showing courage and true character. Orjuela gives back to the game by training children in the Huntley Park District. Looking to improve upon her skills, the Grade 8 referee took the initiative to ask a local assignor to observe and comment on her performance.

Region III – Jessica Mickey – Victoria, Texas (South Texas)

At age 12, Jessica Mickey began her career as a referee. Her goal is to learn as much as she can about the game so she can help younger children have a quality playing experience. On any weekend during the fall and spring, the Grade 8 referee can be found working games up to the Under-16 age group. Mickey's consistency and professionalism combined with her more than 14 years as a player herself makes her a well-respected and knowledgeable referee.
Region IV – Suyeu Kuo – Pleasanton, Calif. (California North)
Suyeu Kuo began her career as a referee in 2005 when she and her father took classes together. She has developed into a courageous and intelligent referee who allows her own personality to shine when she is on the field. Kuo is an active member of her community, participating in various philanthropic organizations. Those who observe Kuo on the field are impressed by her compassion, self-discipline, honesty, respect and integrity.
Young Male Referee of the Year regional award winners:
Region I – Melvin Holmes – Yeadon, Pa. (Eastern Pennsylvania)
Melvin Holmes began his soccer journey at age 6 as a player and has since developed into a distinguished and respected Grade 7 referee, first obtaining the Grade 8 in 2006. His resume as a referee speaks for itself, listing the US Youth Soccer ODP Region I Championships and camp, the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships and the US Youth Soccer Region I Presidents Cup. While achieving great success on the field, Holmes became a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout in 2010.

Region II – Robert Freemon – Olathe, Kan.
Robert Freemon is a natural born leader who carries himself with dignity and professionalism in all aspects of life. A Grade 8 referee, Freemon has refereed at the US Youth Soccer Kansas State Championships, the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships and the prestigious US Youth Soccer National Championships. His passion for the game and will to improve upon his skills helps him rise to any challenge presented on the field, gaining respect from players, coaches and fellow referees.
Region III – Jacob Bradley – Warner Robins, Ga.
Before entering the United States Coast Guard, Jacob Bradley took Georgia Soccer's fast track program to become a referee. Upon receiving a permanent station, he plans to become a state referee. Bradley is an upstanding referee and citizen who serves as a coach, player and referee in the game. He is committed to achieving great things through soccer and impacting the lives of others as a referee and mentor in his local league.

Region IV – William Aten – Loveland, Colo.
William Aten excelled as a youth soccer player at the elite club level, and at age 12, he wanted a greater challenge within soccer and decided to become a referee. Now a Grade 7, Bradley has refereed at several high level tournaments including the US Youth Soccer ODP Championships, the US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships and the US Youth Soccer Colorado State Championships. His success stems from his calm, level head and his drive to seek advice and critiques as to how he can improve.

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