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Catch the premier of The US Youth Soccer Show's third episode this Thursday, June 9

June 6, 2011 11:00 AM
Check out the 2011 season only on Fox Soccer Channel

June Show TV Listing

Thursday, June 9 @ 7 p.m. ET (Premier)
Wednesday, June 15 @ 7 p.m. ET
Subject to change. Check your local listing.

Did you miss a show? Catch up on iTunes or YouTube [link youtube channel]

US Youth Soccer's monthly program, The US Youth Soccer Show, brings viewers in depth with US Youth Soccer events, players, coaches and more. The 30-minute show airs only Fox Soccer Channel, the official television partner of US Youth Soccer.
Where should our cameras go in 2011? If you have a story idea or want your story to be seen on TV, email us at For more information about the show, including air times and dates, go to
The June show premiers on the 9th and includes stories from:
...a US Youth Soccer player in D.C. sent in a story to win the Degree Cool and Confident Kid Award. His letter won his team a private session with our good friend Dax from D.C. United.
…a program in New Jersey is restoring confidence to their community and teaching kids that it only takes one person to make a difference.
…thanks to a Facebook post, a fan let us know about some US Youth Soccer alums who were trying to make a difference in their community, and honoring a former teammate while doing so.
…hear from a few people on what they think it takes to make it to the regional level of play in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.
…one team that has already qualified for the Regional Championships is the Under-14 Louisiana Fire Strike Squad. But before they head to Tennessee for the Region III Championships, they will pack their bags and head to Bremen, Germany to represent the red, white and blue in an international contest.
…our first ever Crossbar Challenge, we decided to grab another one of the teams that has already qualified for regionals and see if they were up for the challenge.
Don't miss The US Youth Soccer Show, now in its sixth season on Fox Soccer Channel and running each month through December! Watch the entire 2010 season on US Youth Soccer's free podcast and look for podcasts from this season on
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