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Coaching education funding assistance

October 3, 2011 10:00 PM
The Chris Nedelcovych Soccer Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization that is devoted to the mission of assisting young soccer coaches in the pursuit of their coaching education, thus promoting America's soccer future by investing in tomorrow's coaches today. The Foundation's goal is to identify and help train younger coaches (ages 16-23) from around the nation to help fill the large gap of qualified coaches for our youngest and most impressionable players.
The CNSF was founded in the winter of 2001, following Chris' death in a tragic automobile accident. In an effort to establish a living memorial to Chris and his passion for coaching, his family and friends created the Foundation to supply scholarships to existing programs and to create new opportunities for younger coaches. From the simple notion of "Youth Coaching Youth" emerged the unique CNSF Residential Camps, with an International and Small-Sided Game focus, and drawing on some of the best coaching talent from around the country as CNSF Candidates.

As a registered 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible organization, the CNSF programs are funded by a wide array of individual and corporate contributions. A complete description of CNSF programs and activities can be found at
The CNSF is proud to be associated with United States Youth Soccer in establishing a program of scholarships for young coaches, ages 18-23, wishing to pursue a National Youth License. Interested candidates are invited to inquire about the scholarships directly through their local State Associations.



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