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Connection Members Must First Register with

November 15, 2007 09:00 PM
All Connection members must register with  Your old USER ID and PASSWORD have not be transferred to the new site.  Create your new registration with with a USER ID and PASSWORD of your choosing, you are no longer fixed with an email or zip.  This new USER ID and PASSWORD will give you access to the Coaches Connection Member Only area.  Please follow the steps below to verify you are a current member of the Coaches Connection. 
In short this is what you need to do:
Click here and register with the site: /members/register/
The User ID and Password that you set for yourself for the site will be the only login that you will need. [If you have already registered with the site, log in and go to the link below]
Next, click here and enter your First and Last name to verify that you are a current Connections member:
You will see a thank you page.
Now either click the Clipboard icon at the top of the website where you logged in or visit the Coaches Connection member area here:
From this point forward, to access the Coaches Connection – log into the web site and click the clipboard icon to be taken directly to the Member Only area.



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