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Video services available for National League games in Wilson, N.C.


 2012-2013 National League Logo
US Youth Soccer National League Games
Nov. 21-24 (Boys) & Dec. 5-8 (Girls)
To Team Participants, Coaches, and Families:

Hello there! My name is Conrado Portnoy and I work for Sports Video USA, a company dedicated to filming soccer tournaments in different parts of the country. What we do is film entire soccer games in a professional manner using HD cameras mounted on 30 foot tall tripods. Filming from this height allows us to capture the best and most advantageous view of the field (the same way soccer games are seen on TV).

Sports Video USA is proud to be the official video service provider for the US Youth Soccer National League games in Wilson, North Carolina, for both the Boys and Girls weekends. We have created a special "team package" to offer to the teams at this event. This team package includes us filming your entire game and then making up to 20 DVD/Blu Ray copies for the entire team. These videos serve as wonderful keepsakes and are used by many teams for tactical analysis. This special team package is offered for $199. However, if your team would like their four games filmed, the price of each decreases and this special 4-game package is offered for $699 (up to 20 DVDs/Blu Ray copies for each game). Teams have a choice between any number of standard DVDs and any number of Blu Ray discs totaling up to 20. All DVDs/Blu Rays will be produced and mailed out within 5 days after the end of the tournament (one mailing address per team). For those teams that wish to review the videos in between games, one copy of each can be provided directly afterwards. 

Please note: all of our DVDs are left unlocked for editing. Anyone looking to make a highlights video themselves may certainly use footage from our DVDs. We do, however, offer edited recruitment highlights videos ourselves. If you are interested in this product as well, please let me know and some more information will be provided.

If you would like us to film any National League games for you during the weekend your team plays, simply e-mail your game information to in advance (date, time, field #, team) and it will be placed in our schedule. Availability is limited and demand is incredibly high for this event, so please do schedule as soon as possible to ensure that your games are filmed.

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested. Thank you, and good luck!

-Conrado Portnoy