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US Youth Soccer National League

June 4, 2007 10:00 PM

as of June 5, 2007

The US Youth Soccer National League (NL) will begin operation in the 2007-08 seasonal year (September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008). Competition will be held for the Under 15 and Under 16 age groups, boys and girls. Each gender age group will have eight teams.

Teams Eligible to Participate
For the 2007-08 seasonal year, all teams that have played in a top US Youth Soccer recognized Regional League of each region during the 2006-07 seasonal year will be eligible to apply to play in the NL. The team application is available here and is to be filed with the NL Commissioner.

Selection of Teams
Team Applications from teams of a top US Youth Soccer recognized Regional League will be reviewed by its Regional Director who will make recommendations to the NL concerning those teams. The NL Committee will select the eight teams in each gender age group. The NL Committee must select at least one team from each region and not more than three teams from any one region in each gender age group.

The team application is available here and applications will be accepted through July 5, 2007, 5:00 pm ET. The selection of teams will be made on or around July 11, 2007.

Playing Schedule
Each team will play a seven-game schedule facing each team within its age group one time. One scheduling model has NL teams playing three games over two weekends (one game per day) and a single game on a third weekend. The NL is targeting the following weekends/time periods for NL play: Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas-New Year’s, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend, Presidents Day Weekend and Easter Weekend. It is expected that the schedule will be tailored for each of the respective divisions based on the teams selected and could include other play dates.

League Rules
The NL Rules are available by clicking the link above.  

Participation in the US Youth Soccer National Championships
The top two eligible teams in each gender age group that are not teams representing their region at the US Youth Soccer National Championships held in North Little Rock, Arkansas in July 2008, shall qualify as additional teams to the National Championships (thus a total of six teams will qualify for the National Championships in the Boys and Girls U15 and U16 age groups—four regional champs and two teams from the NL).

Requirements of NL Teams
NL teams will be required to pay a team fee of $500.00. The NL shall cover all costs associated with the conducting of matches including but not limited to field rental costs, referee fees/expenses etc. US Youth Soccer shall not be liable for transportation, lodging, or injury to persons or property sustained during the course of NL events.

Team Rosters
Teams will be using players listed on their official stamped State Association roster for NL play. No guest players will be allowed.

The NL is governed by the National League Charter that has established a National League Committee to administer the NL. A Commissioner has been appointed to oversee the day-to-day operations of the NL.

Retaining Slots in the US Youth Soccer National League
The top four finishers in NL play in each age group shall retain their slots in the NL for the 2008-09 season, provided that such teams meet all eligibility requirements and continue to participate in their respective State Cup Competition and Regional League.

Future Growth
Beginning with the 2008-09 season year, the Under 17 age group (boys and girls) will be added. The number of teams selected to participate in 2008-09 is yet to be determined. An increase in the number of teams in each gender age group is subject to the approval of the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors.

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