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Three Associations each come away with a $2,500 grant!

January 20, 2012 12:00 AM
Responsible SportsUS Youth Soccer and Liberty Mutual Insurance are excited to announce the list of the 20 winning teams and leagues that earned a grant in the Fall 2011 race! Three of the winners kept their point totals climbing all the way through the three month race, so join us in celebrating:
  • SA FIRE Soccer Club | San Antonio
  • Yardley-Makefield Soccer | Yardley, Pa.
  • Oyster River Youth Association | Durham, N.H.
The administrator for Yardley-Makefield Soccer said they used social media, the spread the word email tool, the toolkit on the Community Grant page and a lot of persistence in following through with their community to help them win. They plan to use the money to provide soccer scholarships to families in need.
To see the full list of winners, how they did it and what they're doing with the money check out the Community Grant Hall of Fame. From there you can sign up for an email reminder, so when the upcoming Fall 2012 grant period opens in March, we'll email you and let you know it's time to rally and earn!



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