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Tournament Director | Commonwealth Soccer Programs (Virginia)

February 6, 2012 12:00 AM
Since 1997, Commonwealth Soccer Programs has been a soccer management company based in Richmond, VA, dealing with club consultation, tournament management, camps, team training, and more. We are currently operating 10-14 tournaments, with several of those being in Florida. CSP is looking for a qualified candidate to manage a team in the operations of these tournaments.
This is a specific list of duties that will be included in the Tournament Director's duties:
·         Oversee the general operations of the tournament
·         Scheduling
·         Promotion/Marketing
·         Instructing the staff and coordinating internal communication
·         Tracking team entries and team checks
·         Organization of vendors and obtaining sponsors
·         Finalizing game brackets
·         Communicating with teams
·         Arranging game officials
·         Organizing site facilities
·         Establish, follow and evaluate tournament budget
·         Responsible for the recruitment, scheduling and oversight of event volunteers
·         Responsible for all permits necessary for the event
·         Ensure all financial obligations are concluded in a timely manner
·         Document standard procedures for job position as well as a calendar year timeline of activities
·         Implementing the policies and rules of the tournament
·         Creating a positive tournament experience for the fans and participants
·         Resolving any conflicts amicably
·         Meeting predetermined goals that can include finances, attendance and number of participants
·         Other duties as assigned
·         Experience in running a tournament-type event preferred
·         Knowledge of the sport, event planning and marketing experience required
·         Good communication skills, strong writing and organizational skills
·         Knowledge of computers with data entry, word processing and email capability mandatory
·         Pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability, dependability and well-spoken
·         Self-motivated, require minimal supervision and strong leadership qualities
·         Must have initiative!
·         Working relationships with current soccer organizations, DOC's, Technical Directors is a plus.
Qualified applicants should send resumes, with references and cover letters to Steve Lovgren at . If you have further questions, please feel free to email.



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