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U16 Boys Arsenal Super Eagles

November 25, 2007 09:00 PM

2007 US Youth Soccer National League
U16 Boys Arsenal FC Super Eagles
Minnesota | Region IIalt

Jersey F. Name L. Name
16 Aniekan Akpan
19 Ayub Baker
88 Street Brandon
12 Tomas Chavez
11 Jeff Davies
8 William Dennehy
99 Dekonte Donyen
22 Kyle Ebertowski
17 Victor Enriques
15 Kyle Erickson
6 Michael Foerster
3 Johari Hughes
18 Hamad Jaman
13 Artem Malkhasyan
55 Chris Nathan
1 Bryan Nyberg
7 Peter Osborne
66 Adolfo Reginato
99 Jacob Williams
14 Paul Yonga




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