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Why we play: Getting on the same page with our kids

May 15, 2011 10:00 PM
Why do your children want to play youth sports? Why do they want to participate?
Once you consider those answers and recognize where you and your child agree and differ, you can establish common ground for conversations that will help you and your child get what you want from youth sports.
To start, let's talk about possible goals that you might have for your child. (And keep in mind, this is the beginning of a list – feel free to add others to the list.) Consider ranking them from 1-10 – what would be your top 3?
  • Become a good athlete
  • Learn to play the sport
  • Win
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Learn to deal with defeat
  • Physical fitness
  • Learn "life lessons"
  • Have fun
  • Make friends
  • Earn a college scholarship
  • Other (specify: ___________).
Now, consider asking this same question of your kids. What are their top 3? You might be surprised to see what they are thinking. Getting "level set" through this conversation helps both of you get on the same page. And in the end, that helps both of you get the most out of the youth.
The Liberty Mutual Responsible SportsTM program supports volunteer youth sports coaches and parents who help our children succeed both on and off the field.  We offer many youth sports resources including $2,500 community grants, instructional videos, weekly tips, peer and expert advice, and coursework for those interested in improving the youth sports experience for all involved. 



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