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US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Girls Alum

Some of the notable alum from US Youth Soccer ODP Girls

Name State Region
Abby Wambach NY (West) I/East
Carli Lloyd NJ I/East
Kristine Lilly CT I/East
Heather Mitts OH II/ Midwest
Lauren Cheney IN II/ Midwest
Lindsay Tarpley MI II/ Midwest
Lori Chalupny MO II/ Midwest
Cat Whitehill AL III/South
Cindy Parlow TN III/South
Mia Hamm (North) TX III/South
Aly Wagner CA (North) IV/West
Brandi Chastain CA (North) IV/West
Michelle Akers WA IV/West
Natasha Kai HI IV/West
Shannon MacMillan CA (South) IV/West

Learn more about US Youth Soccer ODP, click here.

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