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FREE $250 SAT and ACT Test Prep Programs

US Youth Soccer understands the expenses related to education for your children, whether it is in athletics or academics. For this reason, US Youth Soccer is always looking for opportunities to bring benefit to its loyal members to save money.
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Parenting Education | Cardinal Rules of Goalkeeping

Learn about five key guidelines that all goalkeepers should follow. If your child is a goalkeeper, you'll know what to look for the next time you head to the field.
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Parenting Education | First Aid Supplies

The first aid kit should be kept on hand at training sessions and matches. One of the adults associated with a soccer team should be the designated first aid caregiver. It is highly recommended that this person hold a first aid certification from the American Red Cross at the minimum.
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Training Advisor - September Issue 2014

Check out the latest issue of the Training Advisor, official US Youth Soccer Training Newsletter from our friends at SKLZ
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Parenting Education | Alive and Kicking

Why leave the soccer to your kids? Research has shown that playing soccer on a regular basis can boost people's health levels at all ages and playing levels.
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10 tips for making the upcoming soccer season a great one

US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Sam Snow offers some advice for players, coaches and parents as the fall soccer season approaches.
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Parenting Education | Why Young Athletes Excel with Backyard Play

The top players he deals with are not the ones who play on traveling teams. They’re not necessarily the ones who spend all their time playing on more than one formal team year-round, he says. No, the top players, he says, are the ones who, in addition to playing on organized teams, often play in the park, the backyard or the local gym with their friends and neighbors — without parents or coaches instructing them.
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Parenting Education | Environment

The most fundamental skill in soccer is individual mastery of the ball and the creativity that comes with it. This should be a priority in training and games, especially in the early years. As this skill is mastered, the rest of the game becomes easier — both to teach and to learn.
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Parenting Education | Small-Sided Games

The Under-12 age group is a crucial transition period for players. For players to improve their soccer skills, it's necessary to look at long term development rather than focusing on winning right now. A key to helping players develop at this age is to play small-sided games
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Parenting Education | Prediction

Do you think your 10-year-old child is going to be a star soccer player when he grows up? Or does a soccer career seem totally unlikely for your youngster? A lot can change between the earliest stages of a career and the time when a player becomes a professional. Check out these slides to remind yourself that all players should have equal opportunities to play at the youth level.
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Finding a balance with "Soccer Moms"

Over the past decade, an increasing number of high-achieving athletes lack some very important skill sets as a result of playing organized sports since the age of 5 or younger. Growing up in an environment where adults direct the development can actually have an inverse affect on the child's growth in sports.
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Parenting Education | Backyard Games

Indiana Youth Soccer provides a wide variety of games and drills that can be done in a family's backyard. The games help players work on a variety of soccer skills and are an easy way for a child to practice while at home.
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Parenting Education | Burnout in Youth Sports

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) has just released "Overuse Injuries and Burnout in Youth Sports: A Position Statement from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine."
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