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Play Positive™ Parenting

Welcome youth soccer parents! Liberty Mutual Insurance is proud to partner with US Youth Soccer to bring the youth soccer community the Play Positive™ program. Play Positive™ gives you the tools, resources, tips and advice you need to help kids experience the best that youth sports have to offer.  
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Tools to Overcome Game Time Stress

No one can predict exactly how a game will play out, but you can arm your athlete with techniques to overcome pressure from the competition. Here are some methods for overcoming challenges during the game.​
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Tim Howard | Separate The Good From The Great

Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive™ invites you to listen to U.S. Soccer’s Tim Howard, as he talks about the mental approach a player, especially a goalkeeper, needs to take be successful.
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Play Positive Poll: Encouraging Love of the Game

Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive™ sat down with George Kuntz, Director of Coaching for Hawaii Youth Soccer and current head soccer coach at Cal State Fullerton, to discuss the importance of parents to youth athletes.
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Low-Stress Success

Fear of failure is one of the most prevalent stressors in sports. Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive™ encourages you to remind your child that the game is about more than just winning. Supporting your children and doing all you can to avoid instilling negative thoughts or emotions lets them focus on striving to play well.
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