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Responsible Sports Parenting

Welcome youth soccer parents! Liberty Mutual Insurance is proud to partner with US Youth Soccer to bring the youth soccer community the Responsible Sports program. Responsible Sports gives you the tools, resources, tips and advice you need to help kids experience the best that youth sports have to offer.  
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Responsible Sports

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Mike Freitag Provides Advice on Being a Supportive Parent from the Sidelines

Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports invites you to listen to Director of Coaching for Colorado Youth Soccer Mike Freitag share his advice to parents on how to be supportive from the sidelines.​
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Encourage Your Young Athlete to Prepare For the Unexpected

In sports, there is one given – expect the unexpected. Liberty Mutual Insurance offers helpful tips and tactics for preparing for the unexpected.
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Responsible Sports Download: Brush off Mistakes

To help your kid best brush off setbacks and brush up on his or her mental game, download our “Brush Off Mistakes” handout right now.
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Soccer Videos & Podcasts on Responsible Sports

Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports invites you to watch and listen to prominent former athletes and coaches share their insight on Responsible Sports from their own sports careers.
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Take Five with US Youth Soccer’s Sam Snow

Every athlete experiences a setback during his or her career. That’s just part of sports. But with every setback, there’s also a chance to come back.
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Help Your Young Athlete Go From Setback…To Comeback

Sports present a unique opportunity for our kids to learn this valuable life lesson. Each and every experience, both positive and negative, helps our kids develop as an athlete and as a person.
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How to handle a great win or tough loss

Speak to your youth athletes about how to handle a great win or a tough loss.
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