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Players of the Month | December 2013

Each month, US Youth Soccer will be recognizing one male and one female player whose accomplishments on and off the field stick out among the rest. The players who are selected will represent a balance of athletic achievement, sportsmanship and citizenship.
Examples of these athletes' characteristics include:
- Impactful or notable in-game performance
- Displays good sportsmanship and the promotion of teamwork
- Community service
- Superior academic achievement
- Overcoming personal obstacles
While great performances in the game of soccer are appreciated, it's important to note that accomplishments off the field are valued just as much as those achieved on the field. 
This month's honorees are...

Female Player of the Month

Anna from Stafford Springs, Conn.
Anna is talented soccer player who strives hard to improve her game every day. She has balanced her time playing with both club and school teams while she transitioned to her first year of middle school. Off of the field, Anna has used her free time to continue raising money for the charity she created two years ago called "Warming Families Makes Cents." Anna raises money to help heat the homes of families who cannot afford to do so on their own. During the last two years, she has raised about $5,000 and helped keep more than 10 families warm in her community. Whether it’s on the soccer field or off of it, Anna has given her full effort to make an impact.

Male Player of the Month

Nolan from Little Egg Harbor, N.J.

Nolan has been overcoming obstacles from the day he was born. He was part of a set of fraternal triplets, along with a brother and sister, which were born at 32 weeks with collapsed lungs and were told they would be behind their peers. Though he is small in size compared to other boys on the soccer field, that does not deter Nolan as he continues to improve. He joined his school’s running club and was the first person in his age group to finish a 5K in support of a local church. Nolan is also an active member of student council, and he participated in his town’s Trunk or Treat event to support the Hurricane Sandy victims that were still without somewhere to call home. Nolan has shown he can be a leader in the community, in addition the game of soccer.
If you'd like to nominate a player, please fill out the form on this page:
Past honorees: