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Players of the Month | February 2016


Each month, we will be recognizing one male and one female US Youth Soccer Player of the Month whose accomplishments on and off the field stick out among the rest.
The players who are selected will
represent a balance of athletic achievement, sportsmanship and citizenship.
Examples of these athletes' characteristics include:
Nominate Button- Impactful or notable in-game performance
- Displays good sportsmanship and the promotion of teamwork
- Community service
- Superior academic achievement
- Overcoming personal obstacles
While great performances in the game of soccer are appreciated, it's important to note that accomplishments off the field are valued just as much as those achieved on the field. 
This month's honorees are...

Female Player of the Month

Mary Kathryn from Charleston, S.C.MK_WEB

Mary Kathryn, “MK,” brings positivity and humor to her soccer team while leading by example both on and off the field. She is a dedicated and versatile player who has the ability to play anywhere on the field. As a member of the US Youth Soccer ODP, MK threatens defenders as a forward, winger and attacking midfielder. She excels academically and has maintained all A’s this year while being heavily involved in extracurricular activities. MK dons several hats at her school, where she is a news anchor, safety patrol leader, flute player, member of the chorus and member of the running club. She also enjoys playing soccer in her neighborhood and helps to spread the love of the game to kids on her street. She has an inner drive and enthusiasm that helps inspire others to reach their full potential.



Male Player of the Month

Cameron from Marietta, Ga.Cameron_WEB

Cameron has been playing soccer since he was 5 years old, when he became interested in the game through a friend. The two are still playing together, and Cameron shows great sportsmanship while also making impactful plays on the back line to help their Under-12 team succeed. Cameron also offers great support to his brother, Jordan, who has a disorder that causes seizers. Cameron helps his brother by volunteering most Sundays with the local US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer program, which allows players with disabilities to enjoy the game. Cameron, a sixth-grader, is the youngest volunteer, and he loves to play goalie while the TOPSoccer players score on him. In school, Cameron consistently makes the Principal’s List with straight-As and works hard to overcome any personal obstacles along the way.

If you'd like to nominate a player, please fill out the form on this page:
Past honorees: