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Recreational Soccer

Welcome to the recreational soccer resource for youth soccer on  The information contained in this section of the site is designed to assist you in all areas of recreational soccer.  If you have suggestions for additional items that you would like to see, please send an email with your ideas.

What is...
Recreational Soccer?
Recreational soccer is that soccer program that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high-level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a lifelong love of the game.

Recreational Player – a player who is randomly assigned to a team without regard to his/her abilities and skills.

Recreational Team
– teams formed randomly to play soccer.

Recreational League – leagues composed of teams formed in a random manner.

Where do I find programs?
US Youth Soccer offers programs for kids of all ages, sizes and levels of ability.  If you are looking to place your child in a soccer program, contact your US Youth Soccer State Association or search the Club Directory on  US Youth Soccer has a state office in every state and in some states, two offices.  These offices are staffed with professionals who can assist your needs.   

State Directory - Dedicated, staff in every state to serve your needs
Club Directory - Member only directory of US Youth Soccer clubs

Please click on the Quick Links, to your right, to learn more about recreational soccer, US Youth Soccer and the various programs and resoures offered by US Youth Soccer and its member State Associations, leagues and clubs.