Risk Management Resources

Welcome to the Risk Management pages on USYouthSoccer.org.  These pages are to serve as a resource to all US Youth Soccer Members.

Risk Management Committee
Chair - Tom Faro

Michael Borislow

James Eleftherion

Bob Brantley

Hans Pauling

Becky McLaren


Risk Management Resources/Downloads

    Bylaws of US Youth Soccer Inc. [pdf]
    Policy on Players and Playing Rules [pdf]
    Instructions for Referees and Resolutions Affecting Team Coaches and Players [doc]
    Policy on US Youth Soccer National Championships [pdf]
    FAQs on Policy Changes to US Youth Soccer National Championship Series
    [effective 08.04.11]  [pdf]
    US Youth Soccer National League Charter (adopted July 10, 2012) [pdf]
    Financial Policy Manual [pdf]

Discipline Action Report (DAR)
    Disciplinary Action Procedures [pdf] 
    Disciplinary Action Report Form [doc]
    Monthly Disciplinary Action Report [link]

Additional Downloads
    US Youth Soccer Risk Management (Beyond Kidsafe) [pdf]
    US Youth Soccer Risk Management KidSafe Booklet [pdf]
    Positive Parenting [link]
    Website Risk Management for Youth Organizations [pdf]
    Risk Management Aspects of Running a Soccer Tournament [pdf]
    Living Through a Lawsuit [doc]
    Managing the Ultimate Risk [doc]
    Head Injuries Memorandum (March 31, 2009) [pdf]
    Top 25 Youth Soccer Insurance Claims [pdf]
    Standard Youth Soccer Insurance Coverage [pdf] (1.93 MB)
    Introduction, Syllabus and Sample Bylaws [pdf
    Bylaws and Policies - Purposes, Provisions and Distinctions [pdf] (1.4 MB)

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