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This Tournament Season, Don’t Lose More Than A Game

Brought to you by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program.
Summertime is here.
doorYou’ve saved up for the seaside soccer tournament trip. You’ve driven your budding star and a carload of teammates to practice after practice. You’ve put in extensive planning to ensure it feels like at least a partial vacation for everyone involved.
But what you didn’t plan on is theft. So if you happen to return from a rousing victory to find that someone broke into the rented beach house and stole or damaged much of your gear, you’d be confronted with something you never thought to fully prepare or budget for.
Liberty Mutual Insurance is committed to helping you and the team enjoy your summer tournament experience – even if you lose more than just a game.
All of us at Liberty Mutual are deeply invested in helping people live safer, more secure lives. As the third largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S., we understand that when it comes to responsibility, we should all perform to the best of our abilities.      
Safe by the Sea
Nobody likes losing on the road. Should valuable personal possessions disappear from your rented beach bungalow, it can be frustrating at best.
If you’re covered with Liberty Mutual Insurance, we’ll help ease your worry about a long-planned tournament trip cut short.
A Liberty Mutual Insurance home policy covers any break-in, vandalism and theft – even if it occurs in a dwelling away from your own home, such as a summer beach house rental. Your belongings located inside your vacation rental are considered personal property, and a home policy with us covers your personal property while it’s anywhere in the world.
So if your personal possessions are damaged or missing as a result of a covered loss, we’ll arrange for them to be repaired or replaced. Individual policy limits, terms and conditions apply.
Just one call puts the whole process in motion, and our dedicated 24-hour claims assistance ensures you can file a claim anytime, anyplace – both online, by phone or with our mobile app. 
For maximum safety and peace of mind, we also offer an umbrella policy that extends your coverage even further. And if you’re traveling with expensive cutting-edge camera equipment to chronicle the trip, you can protect your investment further by adding our Extra Coverage for Valuables.
It’s all a small price to pay for a whole lot of peace of mind, especially when you’ve painstakingly planned a summer stay by the sea.
Find Your Policy
Of course, a home policy with Liberty Mutual also covers your primary place of residence – from not just theft or vandalism, but other occurrences like fire or lightning damage, falling trees and liability for injuries on your property. 
What you end up paying for your home’s policy depends on an array of factors. When determining your insurance rate, Liberty Mutual representatives look at different factors, from your home’s age to the zip code it resides in.
Another determining factor in your home insurance quote is the estimated cost of replacing your house. Factors like inflation and availability of materials can impact replacement costs.
Home safety and security features like dead bolt locks, a burglar alarm, smoke alarms and security cameras can help lower your home insurance quote – as can insuring both your home and car with Liberty Mutual (what we call a Multi-Policy Discount).
Go the Extra Mile
So why not go the extra mile when planning your summer soccer tournament trip? To learn more and get a free, no-obligation quote today, talk to one of our sales representatives in your community or call us toll-free at 888-712-2166. You can also visit us online at or
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