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The Competitive Coach of the Year is awarded to a competitive coach for both a boy's team and a girl's team for his or her coaching activities, sportsmanship, player development, personal coaching development and citizenship. The national Boys and Girls Competitive Coaches of the Year is announced at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala, as a part of the US Youth Soccer Workshop.  

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Bios of the regional winners are based on the submitted nomination forms.

2017 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
South Region - Jesse Faily - Edmond, Okla.

2017 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive
Midwest Region - Jeremy Harkins - Sterling Heights, Mich.

2017 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
East Region: Jose Maldonado
Midwest Region: Frank Mateus
South Region: Jesse Faily
West Region: Vince Sanchez

2017 Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
East Region: Dennis Garcia
Midwest Region: Jeremy Harkins
South Region: Calvin Dixon
West Region: Illia Song

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2016 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive

Region I – John Greaves – Yardley, Pa.

2016 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
Region I – Michael Ertel – Cheektowaga, N.Y. 

2016 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

Mike ErtelRegion I – Michael Ertel – Cheektowaga, N.Y. 
Michael Ertel is known by fellow coaches and players for leading by example. While he emphasizes soccer-specific skills, the theme for each of his coaching messages is how to develop not only as a player, but as a person, as well. In his free time, Ertel is lending a helping hand in the community by volunteering at charity events and coaching local kids in the community. In addition, Ertel is the head men’s soccer coach at Villa Maria College and he holds a USSF National “B” License. 
Kirk BrazeauRegion II – Kirk Brazeau – Toledo, Ohio
Kirk Brazeau’s Toledo Celtics teams have attained great success while competing at a very high level. Moreover, three of Brazeau’s teams reached the Ohio North State Cup semifinals, while two of them claimed OYSAN state championships. Kirk not only cares about his players’ finished product on the field, but off the field, as well. For example, each of Kirk’s U-18 players will be attending college, and 11 of 14 of his players have earned a college scholarship. 
Patrick DakaRegion III – Patrick Daka – Charlotte, N.C. 
Patrick Daka fosters a special plan for each of his players. In Daka’s eyes, each player is different and deserves a personalized approach to their game. Daka guides his players toward understanding how using the love of the game of soccer can go well beyond the playing field. Daka recently led his U-12 team to win the Disney Soccer Showcase. Off the field, Daka organizes soccer-related fundraisers to help villages in his homeland of Zimbabwe. 
Kevin Skinner Region IV – Kevin Skinner – Silverdale, Wash. 
Kevin Skinner encourages a love for the game of soccer that makes each individual player want to improve themselves. Skinner teaches his players that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Skinner also sponsors “off the pitch” programs, which encourage his players to enjoy time off the field with one another. Finally, Skinner recently completed his NSCAA Premier Diploma in Sacramento, Calif., and in the last five years, he has won more than 30 tournaments for Kitsap County. 

2016 Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

John GreavesRegion I – John Greaves – Yardley, Pa.
For the past 15 years, John Greaves has been a member of Yardley Makefield Soccer. Greaves has a vast array of experience in coaching from the English Premier level, to the U.S. youth soccer level. On one of his most recent teams, nearly every player went on to play Division I soccer. In 2016 alone, Greaves and his team won the US Youth Soccer National Championship, a US Youth Soccer National League title and a fifth Eastern Pennsylvania State Cup. Win or lose, Greaves teaches his players to act with the utmost respect to the opposition. 
David RobertsonRegion II – David Robertson – Mason, Ohio 
David Robertson expects each of his players to be “all in.” Preparing his players to take their game to the collegiate level is something that is important for Robertson. In return, a lot of his players are committed to Division I universities due to Robertson’s relentless efforts. Robertson holds a USSF National “B” coaching license, and he also received a Premier Diploma from the NSCAA. In the community, Robertson participates in a junior program to promote the love for soccer at a young age. 
Ronnie WoodardRegion III – Ronnie Woodard – Nashville, Tenn. 
Ronnie Woodard and her Tennessee Soccer Club have been extremely successful over the years. They won the 2016 US Youth Soccer National Championship, they were three-time US Youth Soccer Region III Champions and four-time Tennessee state champions. To prepare her players for college, she regularly brings in speakers to talk to the team about character, discipline and priorities. Woodard always stresses to her team the importance of being a good person both on and off the field. 
Othon CastilloRegion IV – Othon Castillo – Manteca, Calif.
Sportsmanship, honesty and dedication are just a few qualities Othon Castillo promotes within his team. Castillo has multiple licenses and certificates, including but not limited to: a USSF National “C” License, NSCAA Diplomas and a Cal North Goalkeeping License. Overall, Castillo has the ability to build rapport with each of his players, as well as unifying the team as a whole. With over 30 years of coaching, Castillo knows what it takes to help his players become the best version of themselves. 

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2015 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive [Video]

Region I – Monica Lovett-Groat – Stafford, Va..

2015 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive [Video]
Region II – Xavier Rico – Milwaukee, Wis.

2015 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

Region I – Ryan Renauld – Thompson, Conn.COY Boys Comp RI - ryan renauld
Fellow coaches and former players of Ryan Renauld praise his ability as a leader who helps young athletes grow into adults. He does not measure success by wins and losses, but by the number of kids he is able to positively influence. He has helped former players advance to play at the Division I level in college, while teaching them to be balanced players who consistently practice good sportsmanship in all facets of the game and life.

Region II – Xavier Rico – Milwaukee, Wis. COY Boys Comp RII- Xavier Rico
Xavier Rico encourages ingenuity and creativity in his players, and his coaching has helped his SC Waukesha team develop into one of the top teams in US Youth Soccer Region II and qualify for the US Youth Soccer National League. Rico holds the USSF “B” License and is always looking for ways to study the game. He is also very involved in the community — helping with fundraisers and launching his own website to promote cancer awareness.

Region III – Scott Dymond – Prosper, Texas RIII
Scott Dymond’s FC Dallas teams have achieved great success while competing at a high level, including US Youth Soccer Regional and National Championships. Dymond encourages players to think, problem-solve and adapt while playing, and as the college director for FC Dallas Youth, he creates seminars and action plans to help student-athletes remain on the right track. Dymond holds a USSF “A” License and has also coached for US Youth Soccer ODP Region III teams.

Region IV – Enrique Garcia – Union City, Calif. RIV
Enrique Garcia believes the best place for coaches during a game is on the bench with their mouth shut. He encourages players to take chances and not be afraid of making mistakes, and he exhibits positivity that give his players confidence on the field. Garcia has shown the ability to work with players from 4 to 40, while adjusting his coaching style to each unique situation. He also uses soccer to keep kids in the community on the right path to a positive life.

2015 Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

Region I – Monica Lovett-Groat – Stafford, Va. COY Girl Comp RI - Monica Lovett-Groat
Monica Lovett-Groat coaches multiple teams and instills a sense of family, both on and off the field, with all of her players. She is a former collegiate and professional player who holds several coaching licenses and is currently in the process of obtaining her USSF “D” License. Lovett-Groat has a talent for helping her players understand the game and has created an environment in which her players enjoy spending time together and developing their skills.

Region II – Jorge Eufracio – Lafayette, Ind.RII
Since joining the Tippecanoe Soccer Association coaching staff three years ago, Jorge Eufracio has made a big impact. His guidance has helped the 99 Blue team develop into a successful side in the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League and the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup. Eufracio organizes team activities and is dedicated to providing the best opportunities for his players to reach their full potential physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Region III – Mindy McBride – Hoover, Ala. RIII
Mindy McBride’s coaching philosophy is to let her players enjoy the game. She has high expectations for her players, both on and off the field, and brings out the best in her players without putting pressure on them. McBride holds a USSF “C” License and, being a high school teacher, knows the value of continuing education. She encourages her players to learn by watching soccer, and McBride has helped with local camps to encourage young girls to take an interest in soccer.

Region IV – Jessica Costello – Tacoma, Wash. RIV
Since arriving at Blackhills FC in 2013, Jessica Costello’s players have improved by “leaps and bounds” in the words of her peers. A USSF “B” Licensed coach, Costello organizes well-planned training sessions that challenge her players while keeping them enthusiastic to learn new skills. Her guidance has helped her team continue to improve, and she encourages her players to enjoy the game of soccer whenever possible, whether with the club, their school or on their own.

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2014 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive [Video]
Region IV – Ryan Dortch – Bellevue, Wash.

2014 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive [Video]
Region I – Mark Ryan – Ashburn, Va.

2014 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

markryanRegion I – Mark Ryan – Ashburn, Va.
Each year Mark has coached Loudoun 98 Red, the team has continued to see improving results. In 2014, Loudoun claimed a National League division title and advanced to the US Youth Soccer National Championship semifinals — the best finish for a boys team in club history. A USSF ‘A’ Licensed coach, Mark has used his experience, along with dedication, passion and leadership, to help his players continue to achieve new heights.

bryan_finnertyRegion II – Bryan Finnerty – Walled Lake, Mich.
Bryan Finnerty’s leadership has helped his CW3 Jaguars team develop into one of the top teams in Michigan. His encouragement to give 100 percent, take chances and not worry about making mistakes helped his players improve — resulting in a second-place finish at the US Youth Soccer Michigan State Cup. While he holds a USSF ‘A’ License and has tons of soccer experience, Bryan’s main priorities are to foster leadership, build character and promote the importance of playing as a team.

Elvin VarelaRegion III – Elvin Varela – San Antonio, Texas
Elvin Varela uses soccer as a vehicle to show his players they can overcome personal challenges. He coaches two teams with at-risk players from different continents. His Under-18 squad consists primarily of players from Central America who are without families, while his Under-14 team features players from Asia and Africa who now live in the San Antonio area. Elvin guides all of the players to make sure they’re successful at soccer and in life.

David RobertsonRegion IV – David Robertson – Phoenix, Ariz.
Since arriving at Sereno SC in 2007, David Robertson has been a great role model who works tirelessly with his players to help them develop and reach their dreams. He does not give up on any player and works with each member of his team to make them better and build their confidence. David holds the UEFA ‘A’ License and National Youth License, and he has previously guided his team to the US Youth Soccer National Championship final.

2014 Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

Nikki goodenowRegion I – Nicole Goodenow – Morgantown, W.V.
Even while playing at the highest level in US Youth Soccer Region I, Nicole expects great sportsmanship from her Mountaineer SC Shox team, which received just two yellow cards in its 10 years. Nicole’s players aren’t limited to fair play, as they displayed plenty of talent while winning seven US Youth Soccer West Virginia State Cups. Her emphasis on developing players as well-rounded individuals on and off the field has helped the team see players move on to play at a dozen colleges.

Dave Sharp 1Region II – David Patrick Sharp – Rapid City, S.D.
As the Director of Coaching at for Black Hills Rapids SC, Dave Sharp has helped create a competitive culture that focuses on technical development. His players are encouraged to dream big and go after their goals, which has led to individual and team growth. Dave holds the USSF ‘A’ License, but he consistently researches new concepts to implement into his coaching to help his players improve — generating recognition from colleges and US Youth Soccer ODP.

MIke Powers - comp coachRegion III – Michael Powers – Plano, Texas
Michael Powers lets his players play through mistakes because he believes that is the only way they learn to play the game to its fullest. He encourages them to make their own decisions and stresses that any chance to play and gain new perspective will help them improve. A USSF ‘B’ License and National Youth License holder, Michael enjoyed great success coaching his son, Dillon’s, teams before guiding the girls at Andromeda FC.

Region IV – Ryan Dortch – Bellevue, Wash.
Ryan DortchIn nearly 25 years of coaching, Ryan Dortch has guided several premier clubs and semi-professional teams. A former Washington Youth Soccer player, Ryan maintains his USSF ‘A’ License while continuing to act as a mentor and role model within the soccer community. In his eight years at Eastside FC, he has led teams to on-field success while setting clear expectations for players, parents and coaches to follow in regards to showing respect and demonstrating good character to all participants.

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2013 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive [Video]
Region IV – Zahra Lechak – Auburn, Wash.
2013 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive [Video]
Region II – Minos Vlamakis – Chicago, Ill.
2013 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
Region I – Mohamed Bennani – Arlington, Va.
Mohamed Bennani is a U.S. Soccer ‘A’-Licensed coach who has worked with more than 1,000 Washington, D.C.-area players in the past 10 years. He currently coaches the top teams in DC Stoddert Soccer, challenging players with a diversity of skill sets. Mohamed aims to ensure his players learn something new every time they take the field, and he makes sure they share a common sense of loyalty and respect for their teammates and opponents.
Minos VlamakisRegion II – Minos Vlamakis – Chicago, Ill.
On the field, Minos Vlamakis helped his Raiders FC team to State Cup, US Youth Soccer Region II Championship and US Youth Soccer National League titles, and they were 2013 US Youth Soccer National Finalists. Off the field, Minos personally spoke with academic counselors and held study tables on trips, to ensure his players kept up with academics and remained on track for graduation. He’s also organized an annual charity game to raise money for cancer patients.
Tony PosnerRegion III – Tony Posner – Collierville, Tenn.
Playing the game the right way is a focal point of Tony Posner’s team. He’s earned the respect of parents and opposing coaches for his respectful, hard-working attitude. Those qualities are reflected in his team, which has had success at the state and regional levels with great sportsmanship — earning the Fair Play award at the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships. Tony acts as a teacher for his players, showing them how to carry themselves on and off the field.
C O  Taylor 4 (2)Region IV – C.O. Taylor – Albuquerque, N.M.
Respect is a pivotal part of C.O. Taylor’s teams. He encourages sportsmanship on the field and pushes his players to build strong relationships off of it. Taylor implements new drills to help his players improve and stay motivated. He’s always supportive and makes it a point to offer two positive praises whenever he corrects players to keep them confident in their ability. He has a Level 'E' Coaching License and continues to attend sessions to improve his coaching knowledge.  
2013 Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
Pam KnightsRegion I – Pam Knight – Hanover, Mass.
As a coach and owner of Synergy Soccer, Pam Knight brings enthusiasm and a love of the game to each training session. She continues to improve her coaching knowledge and brings fresh drills to her teams. She encourages her players to pursue US Youth Soccer ODP and other avenues to improve, and Pam’s teams also participate in charity events in the community. In 2012, more than 50 of her Synergy members ran in a charity event on Thanksgiving morning. 
RRachel Twistegion II – Rachel Twist – Omaha, Neb.
Rachel Twist tells her players that if they choose to have a positive attitude, it will transfer to the game and they’ll play at a higher level. She acts as a role model and makes sure her team is respectful of others. Rachel has multiple coaching diplomas, which help her guide her Elkhorn United team to improve and allows her to assist each player individually. She’s currently pursuing ‘D’ and ‘C’ Licenses to improve her coaching education.
RShane Kowalskiegion III – Shane C. Kowalski – Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Shane Kowalski holds a USSF ‘D’ coaching license and continues to attend workshops to advance his coaching education. He makes a point to highlight lessons learned from both wins and losses and stresses the value of teamwork to be successful. For Shane, success doesn’t come solely from wins, but from improving skills and having a positive attitude on the field. Shane was also instrumental in raising funds when a local player was diagnosed with Leukemia.
Zahra Jalalian-LechakRegion IV – Zahra Lechak – Auburn, Wash.
Development is the main objective for Zahra Lechak when it comes to her players. She’s guided several teams and many players to reach and extend their potential, and has led multiple teams at DOS FC and Seattle United to US Youth Soccer Washington State Cup finals, semifinals and quarterfinals. A talented player at UConn, Lechak now has her USSF 'A’ License and has worked on the US Youth Soccer ODP Region IV staff, as well as with the Seattle Sounders.
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2012 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive [Video]
Region II – Mike Dean – Omaha, Neb. 

2012 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive [Video]
Region I – Larry Best – Vienna, Va.

Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:

RBill_Rimmeregion I – William Rimmer – Wilmington, Del.
It’s the ideas of team first and respect for teammates and opponents that Bill Rimmer teaches his players at Delaware Saengerbund. He’s also had success teaching them lessons and skills on the field, as two of his players have been selected to the US Youth Soccer ODP Region I team and seven to Delaware ODP teams. In 2012, his DSB Kickers won their third US Youth Soccer Delaware State Championship and he continues to provide a positive learning environment for his players to improve.

RMike Dean - RII 5egion II – Mike Dean – Omaha, Neb.
A coach who cares about matters on and off the field, Mike Dean promotes fair play and doesn’t tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior. He tries to give his players the playing time and opportunities to reach their highest potential. Dean coaches the physical and mental aspects of the game, and four of his players at the Omaha Football Club have committed to NCAA Division I college programs. Three of his players were selected to the US Youth Soccer Region II ODP squad, and Dean also coaches the Nebraska ODP team.
RePearse 2gion III – Pearse Tormey – Greer, S.C.
Pearse Tormey was a two-time All-American at Clemson University and a part of its 1987 national championship team. He has been coaching in the Greenville, S.C. area for 22 years. As a coach for the Carolina Elite Soccer Association 95 Boys Premier team, he guided the squad to four consecutive state championships and a Region III Championship in 2012. He always promotes good sportsmanship and also coaches the club's TOPSoccer program.
ReMike Dean - RII 5gion IV – Michael Krug – Port Orchard, Wash.
On and off the field, Michael Krug promotes a positive atmosphere for the game of soccer. He uses creative training sessions to make enjoyable practice sessions that players want to attend. He’s won multiple coach of the year awards and his teams at WestSound FC have been champions or finalists at nearly a dozen events. He’s coached at the club since 2000 and continues to search for new ways to improve his soccer knowledge.
Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners: 
RLarry_Bestegion I – Larry Best – Vienna, Va.
With Larry Best, the emphasis is on development, not winning. He focuses on player improvement and doesn’t restrict his commitment to the field. He is involved in helping his players during their college selection process. His focus on improving skills helped BRYC 95 Elite win the US Youth Soccer Virginia State Cup, Region I Championship and U-16 National Championship. Meanwhile, his players also achieved their best team GPA and performed community service.
Repatrick fergusongion II – Patrick Ferguson – New Bremen, Ohio (Ohio South Youth Soccer Association)
Patrick Ferguson lets his players know that each individual can have an impact on the game. He is adept at putting his Ohio Galaxies FC players in positions to succeed and work well together, leading to positive results. His teams have made multiple US Youth Soccer Ohio South State Cup finals and semifinals, and he also is the current coach at Wright State University, where he was named 2009 Horizon League Coach of the Year.
ReCindy Parlow-Conegion III – Cindy Parlow-Cone – Chapell Hill, N.C.
A standout player at North Carolina and for the United States Women’s National Team, Cindy Parlow-Cone has transferred her playing talents to coaching. She is currently director of coaching at Triangle United Soccer Assocation, a volunteer at North Carolina and a member of the USSF U-14 and U-15 Girls National Teams coaching staffs. As a player, she retired as the fifth all-time scorer for the U.S. Women’s National Team with 75 goals. 
RCole Borgesonegion IV – Cole Borgeson – Albuquerque, N.M.
Cole Borgeson focuses on creating a positive learning environment and helping players develop a passion for soccer. He started coaching when he graduated college in 2006 and has increased his involvement each year since. In 2011-12, he coached the teams for the Rio Soccer Club and also worked as a coach for the New Mexico ODP Boys 1995 and 1996 age groups. Borgeson continues to promote every aspect of New Mexico soccer and has been involved in numerous camps, as well.
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2011 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
Region IV – Stan Baker – Tualatin, Ore. 

2011 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive
Region I – Joseph Apodaca – Manassas, Va.
Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
RWilliam Laycockegion I – William Laycock – Sandown, N.H.
As a volunteer competitive soccer coach in the Timberwolves Soccer Club for 18 years, Bill Laycock has been developing young players with a simple motto, "Play simple." Laycock encourages a positive team attitude and good sportsmanship. This mentality has paid off as Laycock has led teams to US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup and State Championships, as well as Region I Championship tournaments. Additionally, Laycock encourages his players to become referees.
RMatt Vogelegion II – Matt Vogel – Lexington, Ky.
Matt Vogel used his successes as a youth and college soccer player to propel him into coaching for LFC in Kentucky. He has led his team to consecutive US Youth Soccer State Championship finals appearances and to a division championship in the Midwest Regional League. In addition to his club duties, Vogel is a member of the US Youth Soccer Kentucky ODP staff. Vogel holds a USSF "D" License.
ReWilson Rendongion III – Wilson Rendon – Orlando, Fla.
Wilson Rendon began his coaching career leading his own children and has gone on to coach youth teams for more than 15 years with Orange County Soccer Club and with Florida Rush Soccer Club. Rendon has won multiple US Youth Soccer State Championships based on his approach of player development. Currently, Rendon holds a USSF "C" License and a National Youth License. He was also a Grade 6 referee for many years.
RegStan Bakerion IV – Stan Baker – Tualatin, Ore.
Stan Baker, director of coaching at Newberg Soccer Club, has traveled the world to better his coaching ability. In addition to his club duties, Baker coaches an Oregon US Youth Soccer ODP team that has produced 19 players invited to Regional US Youth Soccer ODP pools over two years. Baker holds a USSF "A" License and a National Youth License, as well as FIFA-approved licenses from Brazil, Peru and Argentina.
Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
ReJoseph Apodacagion I – Joseph Apodaca – Manassas, Va.
Joseph Apodaca secured his first coaching responsibility at age 14. For the three decades since, "Coach A" has honed his coaching skills through years of military service, international experience and coaching education. Apodaca began coaching club soccer in 2004 at Prince William Soccer, Inc., and his players have gone on to success at the club and US Youth Soccer ODP levels. He currently holds a USSF "A" License.
ReKeri Heedumgion II – Keri Heedum – Cincinnatti, Ohio (Ohio South Youth Soccer Association)
On and off the field, Keri Heedum focuses on maintaining a positive attitude while working hard. Her Hammer FC teams train and play in an environment of joy and hard work. Heedum holds a USSF "C" License and National Youth License. Prior to her current positions at Hammer FC and Xavier University, Heedum served as a  staff coach in Utah Youth Soccer State Association and Florida Youth Soccer Association.
RegioAdrian Solcan III – Adrian Solca – Trophy Club, Texas (North Texas Soccer Association)
Adrian Solca wants all of his players to learn one thing, "all hard work yields a profit." Solca coaches various levels in North Texas and finds success in each, from leading his Solar Soccer Club Under-16 girls to the 2010 US Youth Soccer South Regional Championship and National Championship to guiding his U-11 girls to a league championship. A native of Romania, Solca holds a UEFA Level "A" certification.  
Regiocoppolan IV - Stephanie Coppola – Santa Fe, N.M.
Stephanie Coppola has successfully transitioned from elite player into competitive coach and has instilled her love of the game in her players. Coppola holds a USSF "B" License and currently coaches at Rio Vista FC and for New Mexico US Youth Soccer ODP. As a credit to her coaching abilities, two years ago Coppola took over a second division team, which after two years will compete in the state championships.
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2010 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive
Region II – Sarah McNulty – Bismarck, N.D

2010 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
Region I - Pete Doneit – Stamford, Conn.

Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
Clyde WatsonRegion I – Clyde Watson – Washington, D.C. (Virginia Youth Soccer)

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Clyde Watson supports women's soccer at the youth and professional levels. He is currently the technical director and a coach of the McLean Youth Soccer Club. He has amassed 12 US Youth Soccer Virginia State Championship titles, three US Youth Soccer Region I Championship titles and in 2007 the McLean MPS Freedom won the coveted US Youth Soccer National Championship. Watson holds a USSF "B" License and a National Youth License. He also volunteers training underprivileged children in Washington, D.C., and conducts injury prevention clinics for coaches and players.

RSarah McNultyegion II – Sarah McNulty – Bismarck, N.D
Sarah McNulty takes her experiences as a former club player to develop Dakota United Soccer Club players as a coach and co-director of coaching. She coached the Under-13 Girls Dakota United team in the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships in 2010. She has been the program director of the Bismarck Indoor Soccer Association since 2005. McNulty is also a North Dakota US Youth Soccer ODP coach and has her USSF "A" License as well as her National Youth License.

ReThomas Bobogion III – Thomas Bobo – Clinton, Miss.
Thomas Bobo led his Under-15 Brilla FC 95 team from the silver brackets in 2007 to win the 2010 US Youth Soccer Mississippi State Championship three years later. He has also coached state championship teams in the Clinton Soccer Association. As a player, Bobo played US Youth Soccer ODP, was a three time Mississippi State Champion and played in college. Bobo holds his USSF "C" License and National Youth License.

Andrew Cuppett COY Girls compRegion IV – Andrew Cuppett – Sandy, Utah
As a Sparta United Soccer Club coach, Andrew Cuppett not only encourages his players to be the best they can be on his teams, but also requests they try out for US Youth Soccer ODP to see the highest side of the game. Cuppett is a USSF "D" License and National Youth License coach. He is also a staff coach for US Youth Soccer ODP and coaches the 98 boys. In addition to coaching competitive teams, he trains Under-6 through Under-10 players at the Sparta Girls Soccer Academy.

Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional award winners:
RegiPete Doneiton I - Pete Doneit – Stamford, Conn.
Pete Doneit has coached at the Beachside Soccer Club since 2001. In 2010, his Under-15 Boys team played in the US Youth Soccer Region I Championship finals, missing the opportunity to advance after double overtime with the eventual national champion. His team is currently competing in the US Youth Soccer National League. Doneit is responsible for Beachside's goalkeeping education, development and training. He has led five teams to the US Youth Soccer Connecticut State Championships. He is working on his USSF "A" License and has completed his NSCAA Goalkeeping Level I and II Licenses.

RegiMarcMcElligotton II – Marc McElligott – Westmont, Ill.
For more than 10 years, Marc McElligott has been a competitive coach. Within the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, he has four state titles, coached at regionals six times and won one national championship in 2010 with the Under-14 Boys Eclipse Select. McElligott has coached Illinois US Youth Soccer ODP including the 1991 Boys to a US Youth Soccer ODP Championship. He holds a USSF "A" License and NSCAA Premier Diploma. McElligott started the Eclipse Select boys program serving as their boys director of coaching. Now, he is coaching the Chicago Fire youth club.

ReChris Robinsongion III – Chris Robinson – Greensboro, N.C.
Chris Robinson is a product of the US Youth Soccer system winning four US Youth Soccer North Carolina State Championships before playing in college, United Soccer Leagues and Major League Soccer. Robinson has been coaching US Youth Soccer ODP since 2004 and coaches four teams in Greensboro Youth Soccer. This summer he completed his USSF "C" License and holds a National Youth License.

ReOliver Wyssgion IV – Oliver Wyss – Laguna Beach, Calif. (California - South)
Oliver Wyss joined West Coast Futbol Club in 1997 when the club began. He serves as the director of the boys program as well as the head coach for the Under-14 Boys team that won the US Youth Soccer National Championship in 2009. The USSF "A" License coach gives back through his nonprofit organization, Soccer for Hope, raising funds for children with life-threatening illnesses since he and his family have overcome hardships themselves.

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2009 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive
Keri Saver, Ohio Youth Soccer Association-North


2009 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
Aaron Brunner, Virginia Youth Soccer Association

Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional winners:
Region I - David Suvak – Winchester, Mass.

David Suvak serves in many capacities in the soccer community, but his passion is coaching youth soccer. He holds a USSF "C" License and has the philosophy to develop quality soccer players and individuals simultaneously. Suvak's will to create a positive learning environment reached fruition when his Under-17 Girls Sachem FC team won the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup in 2009. Though he pushes his players to compete at the highest level, he places good sportsmanship at the top of their priority list.
Region II - Keri Sarver – Akron, Ohio -North
Keri Sarver teaches her players that they must practice technical aspects, but also master the mental, physical and emotional aspects to achieve success. Her Under-17 Girls Internationals Soccer Club bought into her philosophy, leading them to compete in the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships. Sarver's coaching resume consists of one national finalist, 13 regional semifinalists and five Ohio North State Championships. A true student of the game, Sarver is a USSF "A" License coach, the first female in Ohio North to achieve this level.

Region III – James Soesbee – Norman, Okla.
James Soesbee has been coaching for over 20 years, holds a USSF "A" License and has made history in Oklahoma girl's youth soccer. As the director of development and academy for Edmonds Soccer Club, he has captured six Oklahoma State Championships and one Region III Championship, a game where his team defeated the defending national champion. His success has been achieved by creating team chemistry while earning the respect of his players to create a cohesiveness that elevated each player's skill set.

Region IV – Tom Jaeger – Salem, Ore.
Tom Jaeger has created a winning blueprint for teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and character building among his players. With this formula, Jaeger took his Under-14 Girls Cascade FC to the Region IV quarterfinals in 2008. He encourages his players to select one detail with their technique, tactic, fitness or mental toughness and focus on developing that detail during each training session. Jaeger believes in developing every player to create a deep team that is united in the same goals and ideas.

Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional award winners:
Region I - Aaron Brunner – Woodbridge, Va.
Aaron Brunner's coaching philosophy revolves around making the ball every player's favorite toy to empower players with confidence to focus on long-term development. A product of US Youth Soccer ODP and now a USSF "A" License and National Youth License coach, he gives back by coaching for Virginia US Youth Soccer ODP and with Prince William Soccer. While achieving success at the competitive level, he continually reinforces the importance of sportsmanship.

Region II - John Keating – Omaha, Neb.
John Keating believes in putting the problem in the players' hands, allowing them time and space to fail or succeed. Through this, the USSF "A" License and National Youth License coach enables his teams at Omaha FC to achieve great success. He has captured three Nebraska State Championships and coached one team through three undefeated seasons. He is known for balancing development and success with the perspective of always striving to win more than they lose. Keating emphasizes the importance of technique and demands character and accountability.

Region III - Elmar Bolowich – Chapel Hill, N.C.
Elmar Bolowich of Triangle United Soccer Association is a USSF "A" License coach who holds a "B" License from Germany. He demands excellence and inspires courage, instilling the belief that great things are possible for those who make individual sacrifices for the team. He has taken three teams to the US Youth Soccer National Championships, one competing for the McGuire Cup. He served as a US Youth Soccer ODP Region III staff coach. Bolowich is entering his 21st season as the University of North Carolina Men's head soccer coach.

Region IV - Marco De Oliveira – Normandy Park, Wash.
Marco De Oliveira has been coaching for almost 30 years. He works tirelessly to impact youth soccer in Washington, coaching for Seattle Soccer Club and Highline Soccer Association. Most recently, De Oliveira captured the Washington State Championship title with his Under-19 Boys. Through his years of coaching, he has helped his players compete at the collegiate, international and professional levels. Through his efforts and dedication, De Oliveira has impacted the lives of many youth, encouraging them to strive for excellence in all areas of life.

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2008 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
Isang Jacob, Indiana Youth Soccer Association
2008 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive
Miriam Hickey, Michigan Youth Soccer Association
Girls Competitive Coach of the Year regional award winners:
Region I – Michael Crocco, Stamford, Conn.
Michael Crocco, of Stamford, Conn., is walking proof that hard work will be rewarded. He has tirelessly volunteered with the Stamford Youth Soccer League for nearly 20 years. He has coached girls and boys from young recreation to premier, including two semifinalists and a finalist in the US Youth Soccer Connecticut State Championships. For his elite players, he teaches that playing at the premier level is a privilege and to treat everyone with respect. His players know him to be fair, and this commands his player's attention. In addition to coaching, Crocco also has served on all levels of Stamford Youth Soccer.

Region II – Miriam Hickey, Troy, Mich.
Miriam Hickey, of Troy, Mich., is the Vardar East girls coaching director and as coach of three winning teams, Hickey demonstrates that development comes first. Personally, she has attained her USSF "A" License and National Youth License. Her experience involves 20 years of coaching including US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Region II staff coach, college coach and coach of the Netherlands National Team. Hickey commands dedication and holds her teams accountable to always try their best and strive for improvement.
Region III – Pete Sadin, Raleigh, N.C.
Pete Sadin, of Raleigh, N.C., plays such a key role in his player's lives that they call him "Mom". His Triangle Futbol Club 89 Navy Girls team went from an average team to going undefeated in the 2007 US Youth Soccer North Carolina State Championships. As a former player and college coach, Sadin has ties to colleges, knowledge of recruiting rules and a sincere desire to help his players explore their options while stressing academics first. Of his 14 players who expressed desire to play at a Division I school, all achieved their goal with Sadin's help and half received partial scholarships.
Region IV – Tad Bobak, Laguna Niguel, Calif.
Tad Bobak, of Laguna Niguel, Calif., teaches his players to be the best person then be the best soccer player. Bobak teaches and models positive values to his players. While he is a demanding coach and has high expectations of his players on the field, he also insists that his teams treat everyone with dignity and respect. Bobak has won two US Youth Soccer National Championships and numerous US Youth Soccer California South State Championships. Most recently, his older team won the 2007 Under-15 Girls US Youth Soccer National Championship and also earned the FIFA Fair Play Award. Bobak is also the U.S. Under-15 Girls National Team head coach.
Boys Competitive Coach of the Year regional award winners:
Region I – Richard J. Frongillo, Franklin, Mass.
Richard J. Frongillo, of Franklin, Mass., coaches three travel teams (Under-12 Boys, Under-10 Boys and Under-13 Girls), one club team (Under-12 Boys), one instructional team (Under-8) and pee wee soccer (Under-5) for the Franklin Youth Soccer Association. Frongillo himself grew up playing in the Franklin Youth Soccer program and wanted to give back to his community after graduating from college. He now has 20 years of experience serving on the board and as a coach. Also, he serves as a state youth referee administrator and runs various clinics throughout the year.

Region II – Isang Jacob, Indianapolis, Ind.
Isang Jacob, of Indianapolis, Ind., builds fine young men first and skilled soccer players second. His players must excel at school, complete community service and work hard to earn a spot on the field. Through this dedication, Jacob led his Indy Burn 90 Premier Eagles to seven consecutive US Youth Soccer Indiana State Championships. All of his 2008 graduates play in college, 17 of them at Division I schools. His greatest accomplishment is having all former players enrolled and succeeding in college, whether or not they play soccer. The USSF "A" License and National Youth License coach also serves as the head Indiana US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program coach.
Region III – Patrick Zoete, Wellington, Fla.
Patrick Zoete, of Wellington, Fla., coaches two-time US Youth Soccer Florida State Champions, the Under-16 Boys Wellington Wave Premier and is also a US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program coach. Zoete holds his USSF "A" License. In 2005, Zoete started an international exchange program with a club in his home country of Belgium and his team travels as well as hosts the club in Florida. His 10 years of experience recently led him to quit his fulltime job to further dedicate himself to the soccer community by starting his own soccer company. He also started a college scholarship prep course to help players find soccer scholarships.
Region IV – Emerson Robbins, Shoreline, Wash.
Emerson "Skip" Robbins, of Shoreline, Wash., not only brought his bronze level recreational team to the select level, but also sponsored African refugees and now coaches a team with players from 10 different countries and five different religions. He encourages his Under-17 Shoreline International team to push each other on the field and celebrate their differences on and off it. Robbins instills competitiveness with an overriding value of respect. In his 25 years of coaching, Robbins has served on the Hillwood Soccer Club board, served as a mentor and valuable resource for his players and encouraged his players and their families to be better volunteers as he leads by example.

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2007 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Boys Competitive
Michael Elster, Massachusetts youth Soccer Association

2007 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year - Girls Competitive
Yon Struble, Georgia Youth Soccer Association
Girls Competitive Coach of the Year Regional Award Winners:
Region I – John P. Dawyot, Landenberg, Penn.
John P. Dawyot, from Landenberg, PA, coaches for Wilmington United in the Delaware Youth Soccer Association. Dawyot believes in good sportsmanship and therefore negative remarks from players or parents are not permitted. His team comes to practice excited and ready to play. He encourages his players to experience different sports and teams and has several players who have made the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP). He works with his players that may not be playing to their full potential and strives to make sure that all players gain confidence and perfect their skills.
Region II – Huw Williams, Shawnee Mission, Kan.
Huw Williams, from Shawnee Mission, KS, is the Director of the Sports Division of GCI. He is also the league director of Heartland Soccer and Technical Director of KCFC. Williams builds his players' character and self esteem. His players find out what type of character they possess. In 2006, his KCFC Intensity team was awarded the US Youth Soccer Region II Fair Play Award. Williams encourages his team to tryout for US Youth Soccer ODP, play as guest players and in pick-up games to improve their game.

Region III - Yon Struble, Alpharetta, Ga.
Yon Struble, from Alpharetta, GA, coaches for the Norcross Soccer Academy. He has also coached US Youth Soccer ODP for nine years. In 2005, Struble's 1989 Georgia US Youth Soccer ODP Girls team placed third at the US Youth Soccer ODP National Championships. Struble lives by a strong value system and he expects his players to display strong character too. He inspires his players to improve themselves and their game. In his first two years with the team, he brought them up a level. He knew that move would continue to challenge his players, and with training they improved.
Region IV - Pat Hanley, Anchorage, Alaska
Pat Hanley, from Anchorage, AK, has coached soccer for 10 years and three years ago moved to the competitive level with the Northern Lights Soccer Club. In addition to coaching his players, Hanley allowed another team's players to play on his team at the Alaska US Youth Soccer State Championships because their team was not participating. He emphasizes hard work at his practices but balances work with fun. In fact, his players hate to miss practice. Hanley is also the president of the Northern Lights Soccer Club.
Boys Competitive Coach of the Year Regional Award Winners:
Region I – Michael Elster, Sutton, Mass.
Michael Elster, from Sutton, MA, coaches for the Sutton Youth Soccer Club. Elster puts a lot of time and effort into his practices. He reviews previously taught skills at the beginning of practice before moving onto new drills. Elster challenges and motivates his players to learn and play the game. Also, Elster organized a large tournament to raise money for a young girl to receive important medical care. The event was very successful. Elster has taken the time to improve his coaching by obtaining his license and attending workshops.
Region II – Lars Richters, Farmington Hills, Mich.
Lars Richters, of Farmington, MI, coaches for the Michigan Wolves-Hawks Soccer Club. His Under-15 Boys team won the US Youth Soccer National Championship in 2007. He is a professional who sets an example for his players by respecting them, their parents, opponents and officials. Lars challenges his players' skills and pushes them to improve their weaker skills and while increasing their confidence. He tries to use soccer as a way to teach real life lessons to his players. Despite his on-field success, he does not employ a winning-at-all-costs attitude.

Region III - Brian Harvey, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Brian Harvey, from Oklahoma City, OK, inspires his players and parents. He is not only respectful but also professional when addressing his players, parents and officials. Even after having surgery, he never missed a practice and was never late. That set a good example for his team. Harvey's team enjoys their practices. He develops the player as well as the team so that the team's skills continue to grow. He is also a college coach and a US Youth Soccer ODP official, both of which improve his coaching at the youth level.
Region IV - David Newman, Bountiful, Utah
David Newman, from Bountiful, UT, is the head coach of an Under-15 Boys team with the Utah Rush and is also one of the competitive Program coordinators. He also conducts coaches' training for Under-8 division. Newman is not only a coach but also a mentor to his players. He teaches and demonstrates good sportsmanship by frequently cheering for the opposing team when they make good plays. He believes in his players and helps them believe in themselves.

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