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Hall of Fame | Bob Brantley


bob brantleyBob Brantley, 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee, Administrator

Bob Brantley has served on the US Youth Soccer Risk Management Committee since its inception. He was the US Youth Soccer Region III (South) representative in the early 1990s before a risk management program even existed. The work of the committee came at a time when awareness was growing dramatically in society of the problems associated with child safety and of the extent to which organizations working with youth need to take steps to address the problems.

Bob played a central role in the work of the committee. He consistently offered fresh ideas based upon research that he had done and put into writing the shared concepts that the committee formulated. His work was crucial to the initial US Youth Soccer Risk Management Program, known as “Kidsafe.”

Adopted in August of 1994, Kidsafe was the first such program to be put into place by a national youth organization. Every State Association was given the responsibility of developing a formal, written program to help ensure all youth soccer players competed and interacted in a safe environment while playing soccer. Bob's role in forming the program was meaningful in addition to tangible. Without his contributions, the work of the committee would not have been as swift or nearly as productive.

Bob also played a significant role in a multitude of US Youth Soccer National Council assemblies by expressing his point of view and those of his fellow delegates, particularly those from Region III, succinctly and directly. His delivery was always softly-stated, measured and compelling. It was impossible during the 1990s to identify a more eloquent and effective advocate for players and leagues. In a time of great progress for soccer in the United States, Bob was a key figure in the growth and improvement of US Youth Soccer.