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Hall of Fame Inductee Jimmie Wofford



Jimmie Wofford, 2009 US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame Inductee, Founder

Jimmie Wofford became involved in soccer after the local professional team visited her children's school in Richardson, Texas. All six of her children began playing soccer after the experience.Jimmie Wofford

Both Wofford and her husband Clinton developed a passion for the game, first spreading it to their community and then to a regional and national level.

Within their community, she and her husband assisted in writing the bylaws of the Richardson (Texas) Soccer Association, and she became the association's first secretary.

At a time when dads were the go-to for youth soccer coaches, none would take the responsibility, so Wofford stepped up to the challenge to be a coach. Wofford also went on to become the first USSF certified female referee in the United States.

Her husband became the president of North Texas State Soccer, and she was North Texas' first executive director and also served as secretary.

Wofford opened doors for girls' soccer and was instrumental in creating a female interstate tournament for Region III.

Rather than eliminating the physical aspect of the game from women's soccer, as many wanted, she worked tirelessly for women's rules in soccer to be the same as men's. Her efforts have truly shaped the way women today play the game.

At the national level, she helped create the bylaws for US Youth Soccer. She is most proud of the separate but equal bylaws and believes this has protected the organization and given it the stability to see the remarkable growth of the organization.

Wofford served as the first US Youth Soccer Region III director from 1974-1979.

In 1976, Wofford became the first women's commissioner for U.S. Soccer. The goal of the position was to further the development of women's soccer and determine if a separate women's position was needed outside of the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF). It was decided that a separate organization was not necessary and that women would have equal support and recognition.