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Great Lakes Conference


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(5/20/2020) Click on this link to view the newsletter that was sent out to all registered team contacts today regarding important updates and dates for the Fall 2020 season and the Spring 2021 season.


(5/19/2020) The fall 2020 season will be open for applications on or around June 5 as we await the final details of the National Showcase Series to be published. Application links will be sent out to all clubs from your state association at that time. All 2020/21 seasonal year team information documents will be updated and published on the website prior to the application window opening. We look forward to seeing you all this fall.


(4/23/2020) Click here to view an FAQ sheet with information on the new National League Showcase Series events that are open to all conference teams.


(4/15/2020) Coronavirus Update: Given heightened travel concerns, shelter-in-place orders, and US Youth Soccer’s suspension of activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic through May 15, and with the health of our soccer community in mind, the spring 2020 US Youth Soccer Great Lakes Conference season for boys and girls has been cancelled. Any spring 2020 Midwest Conference matches currently scheduled will not be played. Click here to view Return to Activity information, and contact your Conference manager for updates specific to your Conference.


(4/15/2020) See this link for the most recent statement from the League Manager that was sent out to all team contacts on 4/15/20. Make sure you read this as it contains important information pertaining to the spring 2020 season.

The US Youth Soccer Great Lakes Conference is one of 13 Conferences under the US Youth Soccer National League in the Multi-State Tier. The Great Lakes Conference consists of teams primarily from New York West, Pennsylvania West, West Virginia, Ohio North, Ohio South, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Kentucky. The top teams in the Conference will earn advancement to the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Great Lakes Conference teams also have a pathway to participate in the new National League Showcase Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a player play for multiple teams on the same day?

A: Club pass players cannot play for two teams on the same day, see rules below:

17.04 Player Limitations 

A player may play for only one Conference team during any single day. Once a player is on the roster of a team in the Conference in a gender age group and such team has played one match in Conference competition, such player may not appear on another team’s roster in such gender age group during the remainder of the Conference season. In situations where a club may have multiple teams participating in the Conference, a player or players may be listed on multiple teams rosters in different age groups, but at no time may a player play for more than one team on the same day, and not play on more than one team in the same gender age group. Under no circumstances may a player be listed on multiple team rosters if such teams are from different clubs. 

During the Conference season, a Goalkeeper may be listed on up to 2 Conference team match day team lineups per day from the same club, with the written consent by the Conference League Manager. A Goalkeeper may not play on more than one team in the same gender age group, and is subject to the same standards as club pass players.

Q: Our team is planning to play in a  Showcase Tournament in April. There are teams we are planning on playing that are currently in our conference division. Are we able to make these Showcase matches count as our conference matches?

A: Yes, but the first thing you need to do is make sure that you confirm with your opposition teams that they wish to play these matches as league matches. Following that, you will need to contact the showcase director to make sure that they are aware that these matches are going to be played as conference matches. All showcase matches must use the same rules as the league. 

If all are in agreement, then we allow the Showcase matches to count as conference matches because the showcase has confirmed that all matches will be played under league conditions and rules. You will need to ensure that you have all of the correct lineup cards and paperwork from SportsForms with you at the match. The showcase will likely have their own paperwork too, but can ONLY submit official league match paperwork with the score following the match, so make sure all of this is in order.

Q: We are playing in a Showcase Tournament and that schedule has been posted by the tournament. Who is responsible for adding that to the Conference Website schedule?

A: Any time a team schedules a match in an external event, it is always the responsibility of the teams to send this in through SportsForms. This is typically done by the HOST club (as listed on the schedule). At the scheduling meetings we specifically asked for one team to always be listed as the host in external events, for this reason. If this was not recorded, either team can send in this schedule update, but it must be updated on the schedule as you will still generate SportsForms Line Up cards for these matches and they must have the correct match information on them.

Q:Can I remove players from my roster?

A: Once a player is on a Conference roster, such player is frozen on such team's pool of 30 players for the remainder of the Conference season. Players may only be removed, prior to the teams first match of the season, by the approval of the League Manager.

Q: How do I set up my team’s Event Management System (EMS) scoring account?

A: Follow the instructions in the PDF below:

Q: How much do we pay referees?

A: US Youth Soccer Conference matches will use a 3-man referee system. Each team is responsible for one-half of the total referee fees per match and payment is to be made in cash prior to each match as follows: 

13U and 14U: $60 per match per team; a total of $120 ($50 to Referee and $35 to each AR) 

15U and 16U: $70 per match per team; a total of $140 ($60 to Referee and $40 to each AR) 

17U, 18U and 19U: $80 per match per team; a total of $160 ($70 to Referee and $45 to each AR) 

Q: How do we get referees for our match?

A: For all one-off and club hosted matches teams must contact their state referee assignor. The Referee Assignors Contact List is located in the referee information drop down on the web page. 

Q: How many players can be on our team?

A: Teams may utilize 30 players during the course of a season in accordance with League Rules and Policies. A maximum 22-player Team Roster with additional use of a Club Pass Roster shall be utilized in all age groups. Club Pass players may only come from within a team’s club, provided that the player is a US Youth Soccer member. All rosters shall be submitted to the league through the SportsForms platform.

Q: How much is the conference hosted weekend event fee?

A: May 8-10 Westfield, IN Spring College Showcase $200 per team (3rd match an extra $75) 

Q: Who submits the referee report, line up cards and score of the match?

A: ALL match scores must be entered by the WINNING team. In the event of a tie, the team listed as Team A on the schedule should be the team that enters the score and paperwork.

Q: When is the roster freeze deadline?

A: May 7th is the roster freeze deadline for the Spring 2020 Season.

Q: How do I book a hotel for a Conference Hosted Weekend?

A: Housing links are located in the Conference Hosted Weekend section on the website. 

Q: I believe I have a manager's account already created in the Event Management System (EMS). How do I register my team to the conference? 

A: Log into your manager's account on the EMS and follow these steps:

- From the welcome page once you log into the EMS, click on "go to my teams"

- Then click the drop down that says "click here to select a team"

- Click the team profile you wish to apply with

- You should see a number of options, click on "apply for event" (Should be an image of a calendar with a plus sign)

- On the upcoming events page, select the "apply for event" button to the right of the correct conference you wish to register for

From there, we will be able to find your applied team on our side and complete the process. 

*The ability to use the Apply for Event function will only be available prior to the start of the season.

Q: Why are some matches missing in my team's account after I registered for the conference?

A: The matches appear only once both teams are set up in the system, so any matches you don’t see likely mean that the other managers have not set up the teams. Once each opposing team is set up, the matches will appear.

Q: When creating an EMS account the region box will not let me click anything and it displays "Midwest Region". Is this okay if we are playing in the Great Lakes Conference? 

A: Yes, the Midwest Region and the Midwest Conference are different entities. You will have the opportunity to register/apply for the Great Lakes Conference when you go through the registration steps. 

Q: I am a team official and I’m not receiving communications from the conference. Can I be added to the email distribution list?

A: To get added to this emailing list you will need to update your contact information in SportsForms. Follow the below link to update your team’s contact information:

Q: I received the Conference uniform patches for my players. Where on their jerseys should the players add their patches?

A: Please refer to page 22 of the Leagues Program Brand Guide linked below:

Q: I need to update information for a match’s date/time/location. Both team’s coaches and managers agree to the changes. How do I update the schedule?

A: Please see below for instructions on how to update ANY schedule details:

All schedule updates must go through the SportsForms schedule update link now we have the schedules posted. This ensures that the correct information is generated on the match day lineup cards. We cannot manually update anything on our end until we have the correct details within the SportsForms system.

Go to the SportsForms Team portal at Click on your conference and scroll down to the Match Schedule Update link. An automatic notification will be sent to both teams and the league to update the schedule online.

The process to update ANY match details (including locations, fields and kick off times) is all done online through SportsForms.


Before you submit ANY updates or changes, you MUST have confirmed with the opposition team/s.

All fields need to be filled out and make sure you enter the correct Match ID for each match you enter. Any match details that you enter must have already been confirmed with the opposition teams and an email notification will automatically be sent to all contacts listed for both teams.

Important note for Club vs Club Division reschedules. Please remember, ANY reschedule in date must be for ALL age groups on any given day. Time updates and field updates must all be made through SpotsForms too.

Once this has been submitted, make sure the HOST club contacts their ref assignor to ensure match officials are scheduled (if not at a conference hosted event or external tournament). The ref assignors list can be found on the conference website in the Referee Information drop down. To do this, you should simply forward the SportsForms notification email you receive once you update your schedule.

*Please allow 2 working days for this change to be reflected on the conference website. 

Q: How many players can we roster for a conference match?

A: No more than 18 players may appear on your team’s lineup card and play in any one match.

Q: What happens to the matches that were not scheduled by the February 7th deadline? 

A: We will be following up directly with all host teams that have not submitted their full schedule details. Fines may be imposed for clubs that have not communicated anything to the league. Please note that some matches may be played in external events that have not provided teams with schedule details yet, or may have facility restrictions that have resulted in them not having specific times yet. But, all of these potential issues should be sent in writing to the league for consideration to avoid any potential scheduling fines. 

Great Lakes Conference - League Manager
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