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About TrueSport:

The TrueSport mission is simple and bold: to change the culture of youth sport by providing powerful educational tools to equip young athletes with the resources to build life skills and core values for success on and off the field.

Powered by the experience and values of USADA (the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency), which is the country’s most trusted guardian of sport dedicated to preserving the integrity of competition at every level, TrueSport is founded on three cornerstones:

  1. Sportsmanship
    Winning the right way – with respect and gratitude for teammates, coaches, parents, and competitors.
  2. Character Building & Life Skills
    Using the sport experience to develop positive whole-life attitudes and behaviors: perseverance, leadership, goal-setting, decision-making and more.
  3. Clean & Healthy Performance
    Wellness-centric lifestyles that fuel athletic and personal success – in sport and in everyday life.

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Monthly Content Provided by TrueSport - New Content Provided Each Month!

  1. Are Plant-Based Meats Created Equal
  2. Eating for Immune Support During COVID-19
  3. 4 Quick Meals to Make After Sport Practice
  4. How to Fuel for Two-a-Day Practices
  5. Is Organic Worth It: 7 Things to Know About Buying Organic
  6. Nutrition Myths - Diet Trends
  7. Dairy Alternatives for Nutrition
  8. How to Make Healthy Meals for the Week from Chicken
  9. Top Three Nutrient Deficiencies in Teens
  10. TrueTalk Travel Packs
  11. Coach - Things to Know About Disordered Eating
  12. Nutrition Myths Fasting
  13. Parents - Why and How to Calculate Your Athletes Sweat Rate
  14. Coaches - Hydration Tips for Competing in Higher Altitudes
  15. Tips for Meal Prep to Fuel Young Athletes
  16. Nutrition - Do These Fueling Traditions Work? 
  17. Five Ingredient Meals for Young Athletes
  18. Eating for Brain Health
  19. 8 Tips to Help Young Athletes Perform in Extreme Environments 
  20. Why Athletes Don't Need Protein Powders
  21. How to Recognize and Repair Iron and Vitamin D Nutrient Deficiencies
  22. When Can Young Athletes Return to Sport After Illness
  23. Nutrition - 5 Healthy Packed Lunches For The Busy Parent And Athlete
  24. Nutrition - How Athletes Can Support Concussion Recovery with Nutrition
  25. 3 Easy and Healthy Breakfasts for Athletes
  26. Are There Benefits to Using Enriched Water?
  27. 3 Times Sports Drinks Should Be Your Go-To Recovery Drink
  28. 5 Signs of Dehydration and How to Best Rehydrate
  29. Are Different Cooking Oils Actually Better for You?
  30. How to Support Recovery of Soft Tissue Injury with Nutrition
  31. Five Healthy Foods for Protein on the Go
  32. 3 Tasty Meals to Support Muscle Growth
  33. Myth Busters: Are Alternative Sugars Really Healthier?
  34. 5 Things to Know About Branched Chain Amino Acids
  35. 5 Simple Ways to Tackle Vitamin D Deficiency with Food
  36. 3 Fun Customizable Noodle Bowls to Satisfy and Fuel Any Athlete
  37. Myth Busters: Do Young Athletes Need B Vitamins to Support Performance?
  38. Coach - 6 Things to Avoid When Talking to Athletes About Sports Nutrition?
  1. How to Set Athletic Goals
  2. How Teams Can Give Back Meaningfully and Safely
  3. 5 Activities to Build Resilience in Youth Athletes
  4. How to Keep Kids Active in Winter Without Organized Sports
  5. Power of Partnership
  6. 6 Simple Reasons Why Athletes Fail to Meet Their Goals
  7. How to Tell the Difference when Working with Youth Athletes
  8. Lessons Learned One Year After COVID-19
  9. How to Minimize Conflict Arising from Assumptions 
  10. How to Help Athletes Have Difficult Conversations
  11. Parents - How to Regulate and Manage All Emotions
  12. Coaches - Questions to Counter Negative Behaviors
  13. Parents - How to Help Athletes Maintain a Positive Body Image After Sport
  14. Coaches - 7 Things Not to Do When Coaching Your Child
  15. How to Choose Footwear for Youth Athletes
  16. When to Apply Heat and Cold for Recovery
  17. Turning Sports Leaders Into Life Leaders
  18. Coach - Differentiated Leadership
  19. 7 Things to Do When Coaching Your Own Child
  20. How to Support a Diverse and Mutli-Cultural Team
  21. Coach - Nine Easy Ways to Prevent Cliques on Teams
  22. Coach - Why and How to Help Your Team Practice Appreciation
  23. Coach - TrueSport Ambassadors on the Life-Changing Power of Sport
  24. Parents - 6 Ways to Give the Gift of Sport on a Budget
  25. When to Say Yes to Your Kid Quitting the Team
  26. Athlete - How Athletes Know When It's Time To Take A Step Back
  27. Coach - 9 Ways To Model Good Sportsmanship From The Sidelines
  28. Parent - Why And How Parents Can Support Referees In Youth Sport
  29. Trending - Why Coaches Should Prioritize Their Own Mental Wellness Too
  30. Athlete - How to Cope with Disappointments in Sport
  31. Parents and Coaches - Is my young athlete mentally well?
  32. Parents - How Parents Can Manage their Own Sport Anxiety
  33. Trending - What to Expect from a Volunteer Coach
  34. Why and How Athletes Can Have Tough Talks With Their Coaches
  35. Eight Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Body Every Day
  36. What Not to Do When Helping Athletes Develop Positive Body Image (Coach) 
  37. What Not to Do When Helping Athletes Develop Positive Body Image (Parent)
  38. Is Your Student Athlete Overscheduled this Summer?
  39. Athlete - 6 Signs that Two-A-Day Practices are Too Much
  40. Coach - 6 Physical Signs that Athletes are Overtraining and At Risk
  41. Parent- Should Athletes Really Use Ankle and Knee Braces for Sport Injuries
  42. Athlete - Is There More to Leadership Than Popularity?
  43. Coach - Six Strategies for Leaders Who Want to Support Change
  44. Parent - The Power of Pause: Why and How to Take Breaks in Sport
  45. Trending - Sport Culture: Why Your Role Maters
  46. 8 Easy Ways to Give Appreciative Feedback
  47. Trending - 7 Ways to Build a TrueSport Culture
  48. Coach - How Coaches Can Support Agency and Empower Athletes
  49. Athlete - How to Establish Healthy Team Rituals in Sport
  50. Athlete - 9 Ways to Overcome Rejection in Sport
  51. Coach - 4 Fun Activities to Teach Young Athletes
  52. Parent - How to Adjust When Perseverance Doesn't Lead to Success
  53. Athletic Director Series: How to Support Your Coaches and Referees
  54. Athlete - 6 Goals to Keep You Going After Life in Sport
  55. Coach - How to Help an Early High Performer Adjust Expectations in Sport
  56. Parents - Why and How Athletes Should Set Non-Sport Goals
  57. Trending - When One Door Closes: An Athlete's Story of Perseverance
  58. Athlete - Your Circle of Care: Learning When to Say When
  59. Coaches - 5 Ways to Ensure Your Athletes Are Competing Well
  60. Parents - Lessons in Trust: Helping Young Athletes Compete Well
  61. Trending - What's The Difference Between Nutrition and Supplement Labels?
  62. Athletes - How To Treat Your Sport Circle and Show Sportsmanship
  63. Coaches - Is It Time to Ditch Athlete Rankings in Youth Sport?
  64. Families - Top 3 Things You Might Hear on the Sideline and How to Respond
  65. Trending - How to Support Underserved Communities Through Access to Sport
  66. Athlete - Do You Know the Latest Guidance on Protein for Sports Nutrition?
  67. Parents/Families - 9 Important Things to Know About Intuitive Eating for Young Athletes
  68. Trending - How Sport Can Help Athletes Cope with Community Trauma