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Presidents Cup Champions

US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup
US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions History
2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 2011 2010 2009

2015 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions
Region I Slippery Rock, PA [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-12* Southington Strikers (CT) Penn Legacy 02 Black (PA-E)
Under-13 North Union United 01 Lady Cannons (PA-E) PWSI Courage 01 White (VA)
Under-14 Souderton Stingers (PA-E) PDA Rossi (NJ)
Under-15 FC Bolts (PA-E) OBGC Rangers White (MD)
Under-16 Deep Run Strikers (PA-E) VSA Heat 98 Blue (VA)
Under-17 HV Pride (PA-E) ASA Black Hawks (MD)
Region II St. Charles, MO [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 KRW Rush (KS) CFJ West 01/02 Red (IL)
Under-14 NWC Alliance Black 00 (OH-S) FC Pride 01 Elite (IN)
Under-15 Eclipse Elite White (IL) Dynamic FC 99/00 (IL)
Under-16 Missouri Rush SC Nero-Menendez (MO) Elm Grove Blues (WI)
Under-17 CWSC United Red (OH-S) SASA Spirits (IL)
Region III Lafayette, LA  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 Charlotte SA Torsion (NC) Bonita Storm (FL)
Under-14 Lonestar Red North (TX-S) Southern Alliance Futbol Elite (GA)
Under-15 Greeneville Galaxy Select (TN) WCWAA Black (NC)
Under-16 LA Fire Navy 99 (LA) FCT Scorpio (FL)
Under-17 CUFC 97 Green (NC) SC Bulls 97 Boys Elite (SC)
Region IV  Snohomish, WA [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 SMUFC 01 (CA-S) Anaheim FC 01 (CA-S)
Under-14 Leahi 01 Premier (HI) Players Elite AP (NV)
Under-15 Leahi 00 Premier (HI) UIFC Panthers (CA-S)
Under-16 Crossfire Select 98 McLaughlin (WA) PacNW 98 Blue (WA)
Under-17 Washington Timbers 97 Green (WA) Legacy FC (CA-S)
*Didn't Advance to National Presidents Cup

2014 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions

Region I Slippery Rock, PA [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-12* Virginia Rush Academy Black (VA) FC York 01 Elite (E-PA)
Under-13 Carlisle Area YS Revolution (E-PA) Casa Capa 2K United 00 (E-PA)
Under-14 Huntingdon Valley AA Freedom (E-PA) MON U Arsenal (E-PA)
Under-15 Keystone Athletic Grifos 98 (E-PA) LYSC Elite (E-PA)
Under-16 World Cup SC of Greater Nashua 97-98 Elite (NH) FC Europa Samba 97/98 (E-PA)
Under-17 FASA Impact Premier 96 (VA) Wallingford Warriors (CT)
Region II Overland Park, KS [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 Team Elmhurst Select (IL) OPSC Monaco (KS)
Under-14 PSC Orange (IL) Team Evanston Premier (IL)
Under-15 Warren United Blazers Black (IL) SASA Spirits (IL)
Under-16 Classics Eagles Black 97/98 (OH-S) Mid Rivers Soccer Club - Tigers (MO)
Under-17 FC Evansville Shooting Stars (IN) SASA Spirits Blue (IL)
Region III Decatur, AL [results]  
Division Girls Boys

Sting East Gray (N-TX)

PDN Barcelona Texas Carrasco (S-TX)

Under-14 Chattanooga FC (TN) Laredo Heat 00 Red (S-TX)
Under-15 KFC Crush Azzurri (TN) Huskies SA (S-TX)
Under-16 Liverpool FC America Fowler (N-TX) Austin Texans (S-TX)
Under-17 GSA White (S-TX) Cape Coral Cyclones (FL)
Region IV  Morgan Hill, CA [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 Eagles White (CA-S) HG Eagles (CA-S)
Under-14 West Coast FC United White (CA-S) Oxnard Wave Soccer Club (CA-S)
Under-15 Crush Blue (UT) Tacoma United Chelsea (WA)
Under-16 Lady Nomad (NV) CISC Velocity (AK)
Under-17 CISC Velocity(AK) LV Neon (NV)
*Didn't Advance to National Presidents Cup
2013 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions
Region I Manchester, NH [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 North Union United Strikers (E-PA) DSC Alliance SC Galaxy (MD)
Under-14 TBAA Fireballs (NJ) South Shore United Blazers (MA)
Under-15 West Chester United Eagles (E-PA) Crofton A3 United (MD)
Under-16 FASA Premier Impact (VA) VSA Heat Blue (VA)
Under-17 Capital United Fusion (E-NY) Yardley Makefield Clash (E-PA)
Region II Overland Park, KS [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 Ohio Premier Eagles Black (OH-S) Goshen Stars United (IN)
Under-14 SASA Spirits (IL) Crystal Lake Force Elite (IL)
Under-15 SWISA Mutiny (IN) Classics Eagles Black (OH-S)
Under-16 SD United Legacy (SD) Classics Eagles Black (OH-S)
Under-17 Tri City Storm Black (ND) TOCA USL (KS)
Region III Decatur, AL [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 Bay United Sharks (FL) International (S-TX)
Under-14 Cape Coral Cyclones (FL) Westside Eagle (FL)
Under-15 Lake Norman SC Eclipse (NC) Guameru SC (N-TX)
Under-16 Albion Hurricanes FC (S-TX) Triad Elite SC (NC)
Under-17 Lady Lions Red (S-TX) AC Sandhills Elite (NC)
Region IV  Boise, ID [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13 Wasatch SC Storm (UT) America of CO (CO)
Under-14 Platinum FC (CA-S) Downtown Soccer Club Black (CA-S)
Under-15 SC Del Sol (AZ) International SC St. Tomas (NV)
Under-16 CO Rush Swoosh (CO) NADO (CA-S)
Under-17 Eastside FC White (WA) La Roca Select (UT)

2012 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions
Region I Londonderry, NH [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* Middlesex County Falcons (MA) Hemdon Rovers East (VA)
Under-14 LVU United 97 (E-PA) Metuchen Juniors (NJ)
Under-15 FPYC Wildcats Blue (VA) Rage SC 96 Gunners (E-PA)
Under-16 Capital United FC Fusion (E-NY) Crusaders United Boys (MA)
Under-17 Crusaders United Girls (MA) Frederick FC Royals (MD)
Region II Overland Park, KS [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* Tri-State FA Premier (OH-S) Chicago Fire Jrs NW Indiana 98 (IN)
Under-14 Hoosier FC 97-98 Girls (IN) Elkhart Flames Dynamite (IN)
Under-15 DASC Elite (SD) Kansas City SC Gold 96-97 (KS)
Under-16 Central FC (WI) FC Porto of Kansas (KS)
Under-17 Libertyville Premier Orange (IL) Indiana Invaders Black (IN)
Region III Greensboro, NC  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* Tennessee United SC Red (TN)  TUSA Silver (NC)
Under-14 JASA Coastal Surge (NC) FC America Premier (FL)
Under-15 GUSA Navy (NC) Texas United Los Guerreros (S-TX)
Under-16 Houston Express 96 Navy (S-TX) United Strikers (N-TX)
Under-17 Miami Lakes (FL) Texas United Westside 95 (S-TX)
Region IV  Arvada, CO  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* South Bay Gunners Redondo (CA-S) CAPO FC Blue (CA-S)
Under-14 NC Boca (CA-S) River City Soccer Club (WA)
Under-15 CO United White (CO) FC Golden State White (CA-S) 
Under-16 Platinum FC 95 Cleary (CA-S) LA Premier FC Black (CA-S) 
Under-17 Arsenal CO Royal (CO) IUSC Brasil Coachella (CA-S)

*Didn't Advance to National Presidents Cup

2011 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions
Region I Albany, NY [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* Crusaders United (MA) USTA United 97 (E-PA)
Under-14 Berks SA Rage (E-PA) VAR Swoosh (VA)
Under-15 Capital United Blue Warriors (E-NY) Next Level Warriors (NJ)
Under-16 Penn Legacy FC Black (E-PA) HMMS Eagles FC (E-PA)
Under-17 Bucks Mont United Blazers (E-PA) TSC FC Towamencin (E-PA)
Region II South Bend, IN  
Division Girls Boys
Under-14 Tri-State Premier (OH-N) Azteca (KS)
Under-15 KC Fusion (KS) FC Porto (KS)
Under-16 Schaumburg Premier (IL) Imos (MO)
Under-17 Ajax FC Chicago (IL) Indiana Invaders Black (IN)
Region III Decatur, AL  
Division Girls Boys
Under-14 LAFC Houstonians 97 (S-TX)  SB Select Club Mexico 97 (S-TX)
Under-15 Texas Rush Nike (S-TX) Miami Beach Soccer (FL)
Under-16 Albion Hurricanes FC (S-TX) Holston Valley FC 95 (TN)
Under-17 BYSA Galaxy 94 Gold (GA) Arkansas Rush Nike (AR)
Region IV West Jordan, UT [results]  
Division Girls Boys
Under-14 United Futbol Club White (CA-N) Corona Eagles (CA-S)
Under-15 Washington Premier FC Black (WA) AVSC Ambush (CA-S)
Under-16 FC Super Nova Elite (ID) Club America Blue (CA-S)
Under-17 LaRoca Premier DC (UT) PQ Premier (CA-S)

*Didn't Advance to National Presidents Cup

2010 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions
Region I Albany, NY  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* Bay Shore Power (E-NY) East Meadow Arsenal (E-NY)
Under-14 Bethesda Threat (MD) Shalrie Joseph SC Lions (MA)
Under-15 FC Napoli Sparks (MA) VFC Blast (MA)
Under-16 Manhattan Kickers (E-NY) Manhattan Kickers (E-NY)
Under-17 Western United FC (MA) DSB Kickers (DE)
Region II Verona, WI   
Division Girls Boys
Under-14 Freedom SC (OH-S) Cincinnati United Premier (OH-S)
Under-15 Freedom SC (OH-S) Millennium SA Fire (IN)
Under-16 St. Louis Scott Gallagher (MO) Northern Indiana Soccer Alliance (IN)
Under-17 St. Francis E Fusion (IN) Cutters 93 Red (IN)
Region III Broken Arrow, OK  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* TNFC 97 Athena (TN) Key Biscayne (FL)
Under-14 Forsyth Fusion 96 Gold (GA) IMG Soccer Academy (FL)
Under-15 Miami Lakes (FL) Texas Rush Nike 94/95 (S-TX)
Under-16 AR Rush (AR) Thunder United (S-TX)
Under-17 Cental Brevard Soccer Cyclones (FL) Texas Rush Nike 92/93 (S-TX)
Region IV Medford, OR  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* Laguna Hills Eclipse (CA-S) Coachella Valley Chivas (CA-S)
Under-14 PVSC Exiles-Black (CA-S) AVSC Ambush (CA-S)
Under-15 Palmdale Thunder (CA-S) Sagebrush SC United (NV)
Under-16 South Bay Force Blue (CA-S) Idaho Rush Nike (ID)
Under-17 Simi Valley SC Eclipse (CA-S) So Cal Rush Nike (CA-S)

*Didn't Advance to National Presidents Cup

2009 US Youth Soccer Regional Presidents Cup Champions
Region I Kirkwood, DE  
Division Girls Boys
Under-14 FC Stars of Mass (MA) Wilson Jr. Soccer Club (E-PA)
Under-15 Cosmos Fire (E-NY) Lake Grove Vipers (E-NY)
Under-16 Wall Inferno (NJ) Crusaders United (MA)
Under-17 Sachem FC (MA) Spartans FC (MD)
Region II Verona, WI   
Division Girls Boys
Under-14 Little Illini (IL) Rolla Knights (MO)
Under-15 Invaders (IN) Scott Gallagher (MO)
Under-16 West Michigan Fire Juniors (MI) NWI United (IN)
Under-17 New Bern SC (NC) (Wildcard) Magic FC (IN)
Region III Greer, SC  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* FC Alliance 96 Black (TN) Eclipse 96 Black (S-TX)
Under-14 Greenville Stars (NC) Hurst United FC 95 Black (N-TX)
Under-15 AHFC 94G Blue W (S-TX) Thunder United (S-TX)
Under-16 MSC Lady Strikers (TN) Mako United (FL)
Under-17 FC Dallas 92 East (N-TX) CASL Premier (NC) 
Region IV Tri-Cities, WA  
Division Girls Boys
Under-13* LAFC (CA-S) SCU Di Cassal (CA-S)
Under-14 Washington Premier FC (WA) Los Alamitos Titans (CA-S)
Under-15 So Cal Rush Nike (CA-S) Santa Barbara SC (CA-S)
Under-16 Snohomish United Black (WA) BKFD Brigade (CA-S)
Under-17 CFC United (CA-S) Conquistamerica (CA-S)

*Didn't Advance to National Presidents Cup